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I just really prefer grosgrain facings, the satin is just too shiny for me.
I've got a dinner suit from Attolini RTW that's a few years old, but fits perfectly and is made of a Smith's mohair/wool barathea, and has a really shocking amount of hand work in it (buttonholes, facings, lining etc).  However, I made the mistake of choosing a DJ with satin facings (blame it on youthful lack of experience, bought it when I was 18).  Is there anyone in NYC who could replace the facings (by hand preferably) with a high quality grosgrain, as well as...
  Thank you that's what I was hoping!  I think I will then be making a stop on 32nd st. next week.  
  I currently get shirts made through a quite stubborn English shirtmaker who either refuses to or can't make a soft shirt.  I am considering switching to Geneva.  They look great in photos and the general consensus seems to be they're easy to work with and are just as good looking in real life.  I've had shirts made years ago already by Merolla e de l'Ero and love the soft collars, but not the price nor the distance to get there.  I don't care about the hand work,...
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