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I love this!  
I'd be interested as well, especially if prices were close to the same as in his Florence shop.
Have you tried Bonfanti's chambray?  I prefer it to both sorts of SG chambray, because I prefer the slightly greyer blue.  They are done on full metre width looms, but in hand and durability, I can't spot a difference with the SG half metre sort.  Its just as "fuzzy" too.
Excellent, in that case I also very much look forward to your visit to NYC.  I prefer the Milanese cut to any other, but unlike tailors from Naples and England, they don't seem to travel here, so your presence in NY will be quite appreciated I'd think.  If you don't mind, could you also send me a PM with prices?     Thank You!
Do you make Made to Measure or Bespoke pieces?   Thank you
I'm considering using Ercole for the first time, I like a lot of the photos of his work on this thread.  I've read about the amount of visible handwork he uses, so am I correct in assuming he also pads the chest, lapels, and collar by hand as well?  Thanks.
I emailed and PMed the guys at DC Lewis about a week ago, and no response.  Does anyone know if they're away?
Thank you very much!
Ha!  Wasn't my intention. So not a definite answer, then?
I know that hand welting is more durable than goodyear machine welting, but what are the aesthetic differences between the two?   Thank you!
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