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Boots?   Very fashion forward. Business Casual? unlikely except in artistic, techie, or out of doors setting, such as whacking a few quail.
  That is unfortunate.   Which company do you think would be suitable for ranking as a "New School" big three as you understand the idea of it and comparable to Dufour and ALS?
  I do not think you understand the idea of what constitutes a formal invitation.       LOL! I think you understand completely the idea of what constitutes an informal invitation.   Not only will everyone know, no one is going home hungry from any event in your family.
There are three problems:   1. heat control 2. moisture control 3. exposure to radiation or sunlight   When it's 112F [45C] or more, sometimes the best thing you can do, is to block the sun from reaching your skin.   Although counter intuitive to many, for solving all three problems, a tropical wool suit in dark to medium colors has few peers for all three especially if you are wearing a hat.   Dark colors block radiation, wool is superior for...
I find midnight blue dinner jackets work best when the event begins before the sun has set.   For that same reason, I like midnight blue trousers with an ivory dinner jacket and black tie, since certain latitudes are quite bright for evening events when ivory or cream dinner jackets are acceptable.   Horses for courses.  
Either tie works. Another dark tie with some color would be better, e.g, navy, burgundy, bottle green, purple, or even brown if you will be wearing brown shoes.   If the sweater is never coming off, then either tie would work, but the gray tie would look better, since the sweater dramatically mitigates the view of the grey tie rendering it acceptable.   This would also be true of a brighter colored tie such as red, orange, yellow, or bright green or...
  We are talking sweater, remember?   Not a suit or sport coat.   Recognize these guys?           What are they wearing? Hint: the featured men are wearing business casual while they are conducting business.   And why are you using abbreviations and igent jargon like CBD, as if that means anything in the real world?   We are discussing business casual. Remember?
  You state things about "Classic Menswear" that I do not believe are true. I believe the reasoning is faulty and based upon a very recent view of menswear, although I could be wrong.   A camel hair sport coat with navy twill, worsted, or even flannel trousers is a classic look. Likewise, black flannel or worsted trousers [as opposed to cheap worsted blends] are classic with a black and white herringbone or pick and pick suit jacket worn as a sport coat.   These looks...
  The problem is Mariano's tie, which lacks needed contrast, not the color of the sport coat.   A navy or black tie would supply the needed contrast and create an attractive look.   It is a contrast failure, not a color failure. Not a jacket failure, but a tie failure.   A tie lighter than the jacket almost never looks better than a tie the same tone or darker than the background or the jacket.   Foo's outfit would look far worse, if his tie lacked contrast and was of a...
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