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When did patch pockets become CBD?   Except for casual Friday or a travel suit, I think not.
Staying within my chosen theme for the day:              
Yep, navy bluet ties are killer when displayed on a pink shirt. Darker shades and hues of red [maroon], brown [chocolate], grey [charcoal] and green [forest] also work great; green is great if your eyes are green. I've also had success with burnt orange and purple. Yes....purple. I have a darkish tone on tone purple tie, that is a mass of swirling dots that really works incredibly well on pink shirts and chicks really dig it. I nearly have to clean it every time I wear...
Hot chick Sunday:              
Hint: you need to go for low contrast looks, so no black suits for you ever. Navy and charcoal are as dark as you should get with your suiting this side of black tie where you will look fine in black for reasons you don't need to know at the moment. Medium grey solids or Glen plaids, and some greyish brown herringbones which compliment your hair, will be killer suits when you can get away with wearing lighter colored suits and need to wear a white shirt, such as sales...
Great look. I would tend toward cordovan colored shoes for matinée performances and black for anything ending after 6pm. And of course, matching belt and watch band, if any.   For anything ending after six, I might consider more of a charcoal or even a black woven or Grenadine tie, instead of the grey tie, to wear with a navy or charcoal blue suit. Likewise, before six, pale blue, pink, cream, ecru, or white shirt, after six, only white or cream, depending on the...
Spectacular maybe, but it seems like a waste of good Velcro when there is a surplus of duct tape around.   Remember to close things use duct tape, to open them use WD-40.   What is the proper manner to deploy WD-40 when opening the fly of one's tuxedo? One long blast or several smaller ones? My paramour would like to know.    
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