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That is not a striped dress shirt, or a striped shirt suitable for dressier occasions, such as for wear with business, formal, or in-formal [black tie] attire.   That is a a striped sport shirt suitable for casual wear. Given your situation, I would wear with a solid blazer and solid or very small pattern odd pants, since it is a bold shirt.   While that shirt should never be worn for occasions requiring formal or conservative attire, you can continue to wear it...
No need.   Just Google images of Willy Wonka.    
Clowns have conventions?   Who knew?
Super look for retrieving the morning paper from a dew covered lawn or a late night run to the 24-hour pharmacy.    
A delusion of mediocrity; something that is more than common in a world transfixed by competing relative truths without material reality.    
^^^Well that didn't take long.^^^   Formal daywear for the win, although the second example is a morning suit and classically the highest level of in-formal dress.
I always use fire.   It works every time without fail.
Good call. But just like in the movie, when one wore Armani, one gained a certain derisive opinion from one's audience and lost most of their remaining credibility.   Certain death of one's good reputation was the net effect of the toxic combination of a Porsche, a Rolex, and attire by Armani.  
Here is what you may need to know.   one word: Armani   I bought a ton of suits during the 1980's, or at least a couple of closets full, and not one of them looked anything like you are describing, except for a few pants that had double pleats forward or reverse. None had the exaggerated shoulder pads and all were moderate in terms of drape and styling. In fact, most of the suits I purchased during the 1980's were basically timeless cuts that would have looked right at...
Depends on the occasion.   I tried to think of options that wouldn't go with that suit, and I came up short with the single exception being rubber flip flops.   Pencil or chalk stripes usually mean business wear, but I don't know if anyone would bat an eyelash in this day and age at any occasion below black tie, if your shirt was white or pale blue, your tie navy or charcoal, and your shoes and accessories black cordovan shell or calf.
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