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  I've known one of the founders of Ledbury for a while and have come to know the company pretty well. For future ebay reference, the white colored label is their slim and the darker label is their regular fit (unless that has changed). I am 6'0 220ish on a good day and their regular fit shirts fit me fine.  
 I have one and love it. The only downside is the charging port cover that is almost impossible to open without using a toothpick or something. 
^I've got a set of those on a blazer right now. 
My finds may very rarely be worthy of posting but I've learned a shitload from Wes over the years. Got my vote! 
 Casio F91W
No kidding. I have gone through about 6 bottles of Zout since my little guy was born this time last year. 
 Brilliant. I never noticed the progressive aging of the model. Now I will never forget. 
​It was so much easier when things were just Traditional, Slim, Extra-slim. I'll never remember this shit.
I stopped by a place I had all but written off entirely yesterday and found these  Florsheim Imperial shell LWBs. I figured I'd see if I could clean them up a little bit. My size so N/A for now. Before: After:  
Amazing. Some of the other auction photos are even better. 
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