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Found a stash of Corn PRL and BBBF suits ( both firsts for me) at one stop today. Fucking things were priced at $100+. 
 Are you kidding me?! I used to work at a Gabriel Brothers and never saw anything even close to this level of quality. Most everything we got was absolute garbage. 
I usually never post my finds here (mostly because they are crap) but I stumbled across this tie yesterday from a defunct local menswear shop. Does anyone recognize this label?     
IME, Seiko Monster has the best lume of all my watches. It happens to be the most inexpensive of all my watches as well. 
Anyone else experiencing unusually slow usps priority shipping? I've had a couple things take a couple days longer than they should have recently.
Anyone ever been nailed on customs fees from Australia to US? I ordered something from Australia (under $200) and am worried about getting hit with fees now.
  I didn't really think about it like that before, but you are absolutely right. I've certainly had times that have forced me to back out of something I had committed to, whether I liked it or not. 
Sweet, thanks for the explanation. I was not aware of this, but will definitely be utilizing it in the future. 
 I require immediate payment for buy it now. Is it possible to require immediate payment for items won through auctions as well? I admit I am but a small-timer and still trying to learn. 
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