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Amazing. Some of the other auction photos are even better. 
 Rubbing alcohol has worked for me as well. 
 I think so? I've been lifting off and on for 5 years, have been on my current program (phat) for several months and this has never once happened to me. It only happens when I've dropped the weight down and am really focusing on contracting the muscles involved in whatever movement I am doing. Perhaps, as a result of that concentration I am neglecting my breathing. 
 I've got an appointment made, but was hoping there was something I could do in the meantime to stop this. 
Have any of you guys ever dealt with exertion headaches? For the past week or so, I could be in the middle of a set (of any lift) and my head will just explode with a horrific headache and I have to abandon my session. I did some searching and found out that this is a pretty common thing, but no real info on how to get rid of them short of not lifting for a while (which is less than optimal). Thoughts/suggestions?
 Good to know, glad I left it. 
Just passed on this for $35, did I make a mistake? I'm not too familiar with things like this.   
@amerikajinda if you are anywhere near Southeast Virginia, I'm gonna be real mad at myself. 
Found a stash of Corn PRL and BBBF suits ( both firsts for me) at one stop today. Fucking things were priced at $100+. 
 Are you kidding me?! I used to work at a Gabriel Brothers and never saw anything even close to this level of quality. Most everything we got was absolute garbage. 
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