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 If you're vacationing at VA Beach (a few short miles away from where I live) don't waste your time trying to thrift in the area. It really is a barren wasteland. 
 I was involved with that one a few years back. What a trainwreck that was.
  That was me, thanks dude! Definitely confirms that mine is indeed Kiton. 
 Doesn't appear to be, but I could be wrong.
 Thought so. I had an e-thrifted Oxxford come in that I bought because I was 99% sure it was Kiton. There's handwork everywhere, the size tag looks awfully Kiton-y, but it doesn't say made in Italy anywhere on the shirt. Buttons are definitely MOP and crows-foot stitched. 
Kiton does (or has done) the made in Italy Oxxford shirts, correct?
 Love Rich Piana's youtube shit. Dude is fucking enormous.
 Nice to see some Barves fans in here
Avert your eyes, skeets ahead.    1 stop, 16 skeets.  
  I've known one of the founders of Ledbury for a while and have come to know the company pretty well. For future ebay reference, the white colored label is their slim and the darker label is their regular fit (unless that has changed). I am 6'0 220ish on a good day and their regular fit shirts fit me fine.  
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