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New Pair of Boston's        
3 new ones from S. O'Flynn - thanks for the tip on the fabric a few months back.  
Thank you! 
 Sorry to up such an old post, does anyone have any idea what this fabric is, which maker, or where i am likely to find something similar? i've been wanting to have something like this made for a long time!
  Nice Reverso ;)
  I see what you did there!   Let me be clear, I still wear them (without an undershirt) in the winter months, and with an undershirt in the Summer months.   The fact is though I don't like wearing an undershirt.   Still don't you find a white shirt masks it much better?
I'm not a particular fan of a plain blue shirt either, for those of us who are blessed with underarm sweat; they're unwearable most of the year.
Royal Mail in the UK, but not standard stuff, only special delivery - standard Royal Mail can be inefficient.   For UK customers special delivery has the added benefit of being 24 hour.
Moncler details?
Big +1 for Spoo.    Nice tie arrived today.   Big -1 for HM Revenue and Customs -30% tax once again, and they wouldn't let me pay by visa.. had to walk half a mile to get cash out to pay them.
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