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Ah sorry I just accidentally left it out, edited.
Body length Chest Waist Hip Shoulder width Sleeve length   I have the size 1, it's pretty TTS I think.
it's total bullshit that only women get heattech tanks/scoop necks   might try some anyway...
  So cold..   KKA, Lad, Attachment, wjk
I basically did the same thing I normally do for oyakodon except with katsu, so I don't have a specific recipe recommendation.   Here's what I did though:   Frying the katsu -pork chop -salt -flour -egg -panko bread crumbs   Score the pork with a knife on both sides (and cut apart any stringy fatty sections to make it easier to chew), season it with salt. Coat it in flour, then dip it in the egg and finally coat it in panko. Deep fry on low-medium heat (like 350...
How's fish or eggs? A lot of Japanese recipes require a fish based soup stock (dashi), but you can substitute that with seaweed/konbu base I think.   You can make vegetarian variations of some common foods (okonomiyaki, gyoza, miso soup, tempura off the top of my head) pretty easily.   Anyway, okonomiyaki is basically a Japanese style pancake.   1 cup flour : 2/3 cups dashi : 1.5-2 eggs ratio for the batter. Shred a bunch of cabbage and mix it into the dough with...
Never realized making katsudon was this easy. If I put up a bunch of sz 44 pants on b&s in the near future, you guys'll know why.  
nah charly's just being considerate and giving him time to change his mind
WG Beasley has written a couple books that are pretty easy reads on Japan, not the most in depth but might be worth taking a look at.
 Filmed in Japan as in films where Japan is important as a location?
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