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Shirt's also Kazuyuki Kumagai.
It's the KKA leather from this season. Was really on the fence about getting it because the leather is quite thin, but I'm actually kind of enjoying having something I can wear in warmer weather.
Some recent pickups:   Lad Musician   Kazuyuki Kumagai     Replacing my TOJ QDR  
 Just upgraded for contract price (to a 5S, but still) and they let me keep my unlimited plan. Didn't come up as an issue for me.
And here I am planning to go buy the 5S tomorrow lol
That's correct.
Jun Hashimoto (I think)
Yeah that's the normal Attachment sidezip design, though the leather looks a bit different this time around - less glossy than the usual/pair I have.    So some things I found out about the calf leather used in the KKA riders this season: -aniline baby calf -it's reverse leather with some minimal coating to make it somewhat glossy/stiff -same material as the calf gloves (reversed for the jackets) -0.7mm thick   So pretty thin and light. On the other hand the...
Dicking around because I really don't feel like packing.  
Gunbuster/Diebuster. Old Gainax is king.
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