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 royal blue hasn't existed for years, that was basically a one-off.
[[SPOILER]]  Out of curiosity, how does the anaconda skin change over time (if at all)? I suppose it doesn't see too much wear since most of it is out of the way. And as an aside, to be honest, the TOJ lamb is probably nicer than the KKA calf I have durability-wise.
  seriously dude?
Shirt's also Kazuyuki Kumagai.
It's the KKA leather from this season. Was really on the fence about getting it because the leather is quite thin, but I'm actually kind of enjoying having something I can wear in warmer weather.
Some recent pickups:   Lad Musician   Kazuyuki Kumagai     Replacing my TOJ QDR  
 Just upgraded for contract price (to a 5S, but still) and they let me keep my unlimited plan. Didn't come up as an issue for me.
And here I am planning to go buy the 5S tomorrow lol
That's correct.
Jun Hashimoto (I think)
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