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It's KKA (my buying habits are becoming increasingly regis-like...)
Ah yeah I can sympathise . When I'm not getting lost all over Tokyo I'm just holed up in my room writing.   Anyway I have a lunch meeting on the 23rd but I think I can duck out afterwards, so let's do that for now!
Back in Tokyo by (probably) the 23rd!. I forget if I mentioned, but I'll be down in Osaka for a couple days too. Sorry I dropped the ball on meeting up this week!
  don't think I'll have enough time/internet access before the challenge ends, so I'll just throw my hat in now
  Bored out of my mind at the airport right now
ME!ME!ME! Is the new pinnacle of anime (srs: FLCL is pretty excellent)
damn did I miss the asuka party
Bumming around in Tokyo!
Conbini selfie lol
Ah sorry I just accidentally left it out, edited.
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