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I guess I should mention I'm wearing them right now too >.>
I never really understood the appeal of the yoox roulette, always seemed like more trouble than it's worth since it doesn't have that extra appeal of physically browsing through stuff at a b&m store either. Dunno :/
 As an aside, has Omotesando Koffee exploded in popularity recently? It was super crowded with what looked to be mostly tourists last time I went
I'll have one omakase
Ah my bad, thought you were a 42 :(   (art, buy them!)
goddamnit why is everyone going to japan the year I won't be there
http://www.bluemerle.co.jp/store/products/detail.php?product_id=1165   just stumbled across a pair of the cuban heels (42), it's even on a slight discount   cough @brad-t cough
Sorry, not in Korea, didn't go meet Drew
in all seriousness tho, was pretty tasty   I'll leave y'all to your pitchforks then!
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