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damn way to make me regret selling my white toj
It comes from French (http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/mode), but it's used as a bit of a catch-all for modern non-conservative and non-streetstyle (subculture?) fashion, so it'd include designer and stuff like CCP. That's my understanding anyway, it's a bit nebulous to define.
 first post lol
... well hallo there that check shirt is mighty tempting
I think Rais' fit is great, shoes included (probably in part because the whole thing gives me speed racer vibes)
I knew someone was going to echo that conversation a while back -- it's because I'm neurotic about shoes indoors, don't pay it any mind
+1 bad fit     Was going to take a pic outside but gave up on that within like 2 minutes. I honestly have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to bring a leather jacket with me to Florida, I don't even have most of my wardrobe with me lol
Yeah I hate backpacks and leather bags. I'd use exclusively canvas totes if they 1) were work appropriate and 2) didn't keep wearing out on me
Quote: I'm usually completely useless when it comes to baking because I'm impatient and hate measuring things, but spring roll wraps might be fun to try. I actually tried it again the next day with some short grain rice that I didn't bother to wash and it turned out a lot better so I imagine sticky rice would work well too!
Pants look fine to me, didn't even realize that degree of bunching bothered people lol
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