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Nah. Well, I have gotten that before.  [[SPOILER]]  Just... regretting a sale a little bit.
oh... oh god. what have I done.   I... think I'm just gonna stop selling things on grailed now...
Zips!   edit: hmmmm option 3 ain't bad either...
Can we leave this trainwreck in the toj thread?   RFT, I really dislike selling things on grailed/ebay. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but it bugs me when I sell to a stranger who just clicked a button without ever contacting me.
mori to me seems a bit different. I think I have a vague idea about what he's talking about, but I don't know the term for it.
Aw jeez that happens way too often
 Basically just copying a coordinate today >.>  [[SPOILER]]
One of those assholes tried to eat my shirt in Nara
 lol Personally I'm a fan of Lewis Leathers. It's definitely stiff stuff though.
They will come eventually. TOJ has always been terrible at giving estimates (we've gone over reasons why over a million times already -- whether or not you find that satisfying is a separate issue).   Y'all need to chill out a bit.   Cept brad. He's probably fine.
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