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Spent the afternoon at lift/gullam today trying everything on and being generally annoying Went back and tried on some Araki Yuu too, cuts don't really work for me but this jacket was way cool. http://gullam.jp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_6407-800x1200.jpg ... now someone convince me not to sell half my wardrobe so I can crossdress in women's ma+ (apparently I'm a 38 women's and a 44-48 mens, god the sizing is completely whack)
@Mojo1990 Unfortunately didn't have time to try anything on, but I think that's already sold out anyway...
Dropped by gullam today for the first time in months. Araki Yuu stuff is really beautiful in person, and was pleasantly surprised by first aid for the injured too. Some really cool pieces at very reasonable price points. Also always impressed by how friendly and awesome the staff is. They recognize me even though I probably only drop in like once every six months (though probably only because I'm the only guy who wanders into the shop in a white tee and ratty nikes...).
@VitaTimH They're just plain old nike free 3s :)
I've brought shame on my family Someone sell me some ccp so I can commit ritual seppuku with the random metal bits
I actually dont know anything about the ma+, just took a blind shot after stalking y!jp for white leathers. It's a super thin unlined (cow?) leather parka. Still trying to figure out how to turn into a jet. The bag is from travail en famille, think they're a pretty young English brand that got featured on rosenrot's blog a while back so I'm just jumping on the hype train. Really awesome stuff though, and packaging is a+. Edit: @penanceroyaltea ah, I kind of suspected...
Man if I didn't already feel like I have too many shoes I'd be all over those new a1923s. Wonder if I'm the weirdo for preferring bulbous toes
  There's also a current season limited leather at the Roppongi KKA store right now -- real nice, tried it on last weekend.
 Way late, but yeah I'm up for it! Finally found a shoebox to live in so my life hopefully won't be so crazy in the near future :)
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