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Miso ramen best ramen
glances guiltily at unopened unit 01 model
Also forgot the occasional post-success "holy shit it's colder than i thought" loop back to heattech + parka + beater boots >.>
My morning routine as of late...  [[SPOILER]]
Oh I forgot to share this but in case anyone was curious, the calf leather moto this spring is the same as the one used in the FW14 riders but not reversed, and the entire thing is completely unlined. It's basically a really soft and light jacket.
^Yeah basically. I won't be much help there, though I've heard good things secondhand about bumble & bumble for that type. If you're floppy like me then you probably want mousse and a light wax to add volume and texture.   Blowdryers are also magical but I'm usually too lazy in the morning.
Depends, are you floppy noodle hair asian or spiky brush hair asian?
I feel you :(   fwiw this stuff + wax gives my limp noodle hair some semblance of life
@Caveat Yeah I ended up getting the red colorway too when I found it on sale haha. I don't browse for stuff too often but I'll try to keep an eye out for you.
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