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 Basically just copying a coordinate today >.>  [[SPOILER]]
One of those assholes tried to eat my shirt in Nara
 lol Personally I'm a fan of Lewis Leathers. It's definitely stiff stuff though.
They will come eventually. TOJ has always been terrible at giving estimates (we've gone over reasons why over a million times already -- whether or not you find that satisfying is a separate issue).   Y'all need to chill out a bit.   Cept brad. He's probably fine.
The pants are actually UU, but the rest is, yeah. Thanks!
That's amazing, snow.     Day 2 without jeans...
Brad will know better, but I think this season was pretty much in line with past prices. Maybe +/- ¥20,000 or so. If you're referring specifically to the leather used this season, it's not guidi. I listed the info I got from the SA earlier.
I wouldn't say cut for string beans, though the sizing run can be a bit limited. The knit I personally have seems pretty reasonably proportioned. That said I'm probably borderline one of the aforementioned string beans, so I'll wait for someone else to chime in.   Thanks nn! I'm reasonably sure the skinnies would fit me fine, though the unfaded black seems sold out so I might just gamble with uniqlo and see how that turns out. We'll see...
Welp my uniqlo jeans have basically lost so much structural integrity that even continuing to patch them is a lost cause lol.   Skinny black denim recommendations?   I think I might default to Lad or Attachment or something since I know that stuff works for me (although proxying just a pair of jeans is kind of a pain in the ass but whatever), but I'm open to anything really (how are the new uniqlo jeans lately?)
Thanks guys! And @sinnedk yeah it's the KKA leather.
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