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Well, I own the wool/cashmere pants from last season and bought the cotton/nylon pants this season. I'll say all three are actually similar weights - cotton might even be slightly heavier - but the wool pair will probably keep you a little warmer. Wool/cashmere has the least sheen, it's more of a fuzzy material though the cotton/nylon isn't really shiny either. I'm actually probably going again tomorrow because I'm meeting up with a friend who's visiting and will probably...
 Similar in my experience, though I sized up half (typically 41.5) for better or worse. It got a bit easier to put on over time, but was definitely a struggle early on. May or may not be different depending on how you sized.
Stopped by the store today. I've gotta say, it's a lot easier to appreciate the different materials and small differences between pieces in person. The wool/cashmere stuff is quite nice as usual, probably the exact same as last season. Quite liked the cotton/nylon blend in person too.   Tried on the calf rider but the leather was actually quite thin. A bit of a bummer really, was seriously considering getting it but I would rather have something a bit thicker and warmer....
Spent the long weekend in Sapporo with a friend and basically went on a 24 hour miso ramen binge after looking up some of the famous shops. Even though I went at weird hours there was always a line out the door at every place. First stop in the evening after I got off the plane was Sumire, one of the original shops that made Sapporo's miso ramen so famous. Easily the best miso ramen and broth I've ever had, perfect balance of oil and other flavors (especially the ginger)....
 I'm assuming this is like a y!jp listing or something. Basically, "Since the season I bought it, it's been worn 5 times and then cleaned and not worn since. No obvious/eye catching stains or dirt." I think.
    Mostly just playing around with new stuff and trying to find a good place for photos.
Yeah I'm going to be working in Akasaka until the end of August, so I'll be around for a while. I don't have convenient access to Internet though so I tend to end up camping out at Starbucks and random convenience stores.
I can't find a good place to take fit pics here Though I guess it doesn't usually matter much since I'm usually just bumming around when I'm not wearing the cool biz salaryman uniform. Incidentally @nicelynice, we should hang out sometime while I'm in Tokyo!
Attachment And a handful of other things i cant be bothered to take pictures of right now.. KKA number (n)ine
Yeah gonna second brad, sneakers felt really unimpressive. Looked a bit cheap.
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