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Belated entry in the both blue shows crew and the gaudy shit over a tee club
  one last fit before I move out to Tokyo :)
Yeah, count me in too for wanting that shirt jacket. I'm eyeing too many things from IS this season
blue shoes crew !!   those turned out really great
I swear everyone is trying to ruin my plan to downsize my wardrobe before moving   thanks -.-
 If they're using the same calf suede, it's really nice and heavy. I personally kept it over the two lamb jackets I had. @Cotton Dockers @hennreeThanks!
@Severisth Thanks! Yeah, got mine from toj before the whole thing went off the rails.
 Happy holidays! Nothing exciting since most of my stuff is packed, just happy to be home and able to wear real clothes again.
Ah damn, was hoping it fit small. Wonder if I can still swing it since I intend to wear it more as an overshirt/jacket type thing...
Can anyone sanity check the measurements on this ma+ leather shirt for me?     Sleeve: 72cm Width: 48cm Length: 72cm   The measurements seem like they'd work for a sz 1/xs, but it's a tagged 48 and I'd rather not risk getting something that's cut to fit a noodle person
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