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Ooh, thanks for the tip. Might try em out too.
I don't think so actually - at least not from any pics I post here. One guy's called me out on my TOJ though
@VitaTimH It's KKA actually (surprise?). Wouldn't mind having a lad rider if I can find one I like though   @RXS09 thanks!
  Not sure if it's all that -bold-, but here's my go at it!
    Of my two good shots, one cuts out shoes and the other comes out blurry -.-
I may or may not also be addicted to this game   please send help
  I need to get out more, think I forgot how to stand properly :(
Gyukotsu ramen experiment! Can't get pork bones out where I live, so decided to see what would happen if I used beef.  Broth after about 20 hours of boiling.  [[SPOILER]]  Shoyu tare (niboshi, katsuobushi, kombu, sake, mirin, soy sauce) Braised pork belly chashu  Chilled and sliced (featuring egg marinated in the braising liquid)  Toppings! (Clockwise from top left) Ajitsuke tamago, nori, green onion, kikurage, moyashi. Kikurage and moyashi were stir fried a little in some...
I expect to see red boots in here ! @nicelynice
Daikanyama has lift and gullam. Not actually much in the way of this thread's preferences in Harajuku afaik
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