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The starting salaries for pretty much all the Japanese companies I looked at were just abysmal, and most were in Tokyo too. Tech seems to be especially bad relative to everywhere else though.
Think I'm picking up that wool/linen jacket and a few other things
TTS when I tried em on I think.
Webstore up!     Ohhhh man that camel color.
White cotton. Anatomical. Really cool material and seam work (the stitching is a black thread that shows through at the seams when you wear it). "Hard Twist Yarn Cotton" is what Gullam calls it - fairly heavy and rough for a tee, good for colder weather.   Never worn, just tried on (and looked at a couple times in the morning as I decide what to wear). Turns out I'm way too lazy and always reach for my boring old plain tees instead. Even though I think it's awesome and...
Haven't tried the sidezips, but I'd advise against sizing down if the instep is anything like his laceup repros. I'd go TTS or even up half a size.
Towels are fine. I do have a moment of hesitation when I walk into a hotel bathroom though  
That.. kind of blows my mind. I always assumed there had to be a line in the sand somewhere  misery loves company ;)
Half srs question -- how do people who wear shoes in the house use the bathroom/shower? Like, do they wear their shoes into the bathroom and take them off before stepping into the shower, or do they leave them outside and step in the room barefoot?? Does it depend on the situation? When do the shoes come back on? It's all so confusing   (offtopic) I just noticed recently, but now it kind of bugs me that the large version of the navbar (when you're at the top of the page)...
Having just moved to FL, it's too hot for fashion
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