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If I were buying a coat I'd go for 1, but araki yuu doesn't fit well on me :(
 dunno about pumpkin spice, but pumpkin is pretty much -everywhere-.
Working on my accessory game  ma+devoaattachmentgudetama  [[SPOILER]]
Heh, just wait til I trip over the bar with monochrome athletic wear again
Yeah.   You definitely should keep that coat :)
Yeah, it did! seriously bummed fall is ending when it was so nice 2 days ago too
Sup guys, been a while! Kind of fell off the fashion train for a couple months  Catching the last few moments of fall out here in Tokyo. devoafirst aid to the injureddevoama+
 TTS or down half for boots/derbies. Never used insoles so don't know how they change things.
Spent the afternoon at lift/gullam today trying everything on and being generally annoying Went back and tried on some Araki Yuu too, cuts don't really work for me but this jacket was way cool. ... now someone convince me not to sell half my wardrobe so I can crossdress in women's ma+ (apparently I'm a 38 women's and a 44-48 mens, god the sizing is completely whack)
@Mojo1990 Unfortunately didn't have time to try anything on, but I think that's already sold out anyway...
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