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Wasn't there a purple leather one last year at lift? I really really liked that model. Was way out of my budget then though haha
So... this happened.
you shoulda sent the original pair to me.. I thought we had a good thing going
holy shit I don't think I've ever wanted a pair of a1923s until I saw m1kko's blue ones  
the heart says keep but im just so lazy in the mornings...   will keep if no one bites though
do it! it's just as good as I remember it
Couldn't resist not buying things any longer  KKAshoutout to @MagicalZechs for enabling ! orgreen [[SPOILER]]
The starting salaries for pretty much all the Japanese companies I looked at were just abysmal, and most were in Tokyo too. Tech seems to be especially bad relative to everywhere else though.
Think I'm picking up that wool/linen jacket and a few other things
New Posts  All Forums: