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I actually dont know anything about the ma+, just took a blind shot after stalking y!jp for white leathers. It's a super thin unlined (cow?) leather parka. Still trying to figure out how to turn into a jet. The bag is from travail en famille, think they're a pretty young English brand that got featured on rosenrot's blog a while back so I'm just jumping on the hype train. Really awesome stuff though, and packaging is a+. Edit: @penanceroyaltea ah, I kind of suspected...
Man if I didn't already feel like I have too many shoes I'd be all over those new a1923s. Wonder if I'm the weirdo for preferring bulbous toes
  There's also a current season limited leather at the Roppongi KKA store right now -- real nice, tried it on last weekend.
 Way late, but yeah I'm up for it! Finally found a shoebox to live in so my life hopefully won't be so crazy in the near future :)
to be fair, rent and commute is also usually covered or at least subsidized by most Japanese companies, which makes that 30k go a lot farther
They exist, I don't really have the highest standards when I feel like stuffing my face with protein
That worked for you? I tried that and they still wouldn't budge   Entry level peons have no rights :(   Also is it just me or is all the all-you-can-eat korean bbq here in japan awful? it's all pork and I get kicked out before even getting that full   I miss the states and our cheap meat already
I think if I saw a black one that day we wouldn't even be having this conversation...
WHY   I breathed a sigh of relief when I rolled into lift a couple weeks ago and managed to walk out without buying the white one already...
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