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Yeah, I had some trouble putting them on initially but they've been pretty comfortable since.
Looking at getting some new frames again, anyone know of anything similar to these face a face ones that aren't pushing $600? as much as I like em, that's probably a bit more than I'm inclined to spend on glasses right now  
i assume it's not so much resolve as "get as much money back as possible," which, the nuclear option may not be the best for   also everyone really needs to just ignore skeen already
I guess I should mention I'm wearing them right now too >.>
I never really understood the appeal of the yoox roulette, always seemed like more trouble than it's worth since it doesn't have that extra appeal of physically browsing through stuff at a b&m store either. Dunno :/
 As an aside, has Omotesando Koffee exploded in popularity recently? It was super crowded with what looked to be mostly tourists last time I went
I'll have one omakase
Ah my bad, thought you were a 42 :(   (art, buy them!)
goddamnit why is everyone going to japan the year I won't be there
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