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Ah damn, was hoping it fit small. Wonder if I can still swing it since I intend to wear it more as an overshirt/jacket type thing...
Can anyone sanity check the measurements on this ma+ leather shirt for me?     Sleeve: 72cm Width: 48cm Length: 72cm   The measurements seem like they'd work for a sz 1/xs, but it's a tagged 48 and I'd rather not risk getting something that's cut to fit a noodle person
The new GITS was just.. okay :(
In light of the last few submissions I'd just like to take this opportunity to kindly remind everyone it's not the size of the gourd that matters   Thanks
I've stopped using them lately but what's changed?
  Pretty sure fall just isn't a thing here but I do have a kabocha !
this isn't really meant to be directed at you in particular, but honestly I'm not sure what that kind of comment achieves except say "that fit wasn't inspired enough to post here" in a more roundabout way :/
damn way to make me regret selling my white toj
It comes from French (http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/mode), but it's used as a bit of a catch-all for modern non-conservative and non-streetstyle (subculture?) fashion, so it'd include designer and stuff like CCP. That's my understanding anyway, it's a bit nebulous to define.
 first post lol
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