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  Thank you very much!   I will post an update when I get it back from my tailor.
Thank you for helping us with this thread!   I recently got this jacket at a steep discount, and was curious about how I should get it tailored or if I should return it? Please ignore the too-long sleeves from my shirt.                 I apologize for the lousy iPhone pics and feel free to request more pictures.
I just got back from Paris, where "les soldes" were going on, and ended up coming home with a pair of these (Simpsom Ante Cuero):     Question: what shoe trees should I use for them? The €60 price tag are a little much IMO.
Hello all, I hope this question hasn't already been answered, but I haven't seen it yet.   I wear a 31x32 Levi's 501, and I recently received a pair of 1954 501Z XX which are 31x32. I'm assuming (I know nothing about jeans) if I wash these, they'll shrink to the point that I can't fit in them anymore. They fit great right now.   Is there any way I can either (a) get away without washing these guys and have them fit me or (b) wash them and have them still fit...
    This should work well. If you're going in you might as well try 3 or 4 suits on, but I would stick with things in this cut and style (solid charcoal grey or navy blue, neap lapels, etc).
    Which tailors do you recommend in Midtown or the Upper West?
This tie?  
        Sorry old-timer, but I wouldn't count on it. The break-up of society as Bounder has described it is most likely going to be the new norm, and while some people might start dressing "like men" (as you call it), the majority will not.
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