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I love to eat! I play tennis which keeps me in shape, but i eat a lot as well. For breakfast i eat 2 eggs with toast and oatmeal, but im hungry like an hour later. And it's the same for everything else I've tried. Is there any drink or specific food that has kept you full for a while?
What types of health problems are needed to qualify to have gastric bypass surgery? Do you only qualify if you have severe health problems caused by this or could you qualify if you have smaller health problems like knee arthritis & breathing problems? Most of my family is obese and have heart disease, sleep apnea. Would they take that into consideration? My sister had gastric bypass surgery with a starting weight at 208 and is down to 128. I don't think she had any...
I'm planning to spend some money on summer clothing since my closet is filled with winter stuff. What type of clothing should men (18-25) wear for the summer. I know there's the basic polo and shorts, but I find that a bit worn out. Any other ideas? Any contribution would be great!
My teeth are yellow and very sensitive. I eat alot of chocolate throughout the day. What is it thats really bad for your teeth and is their any food / drink good for it.  
I was once told that I severely lack life experiences which is a result of my extreme shyness. I want to know what I have missed in my life. So what life experiences should I have had by this point in my life. I turn 21 this Friday.
Institutions play an important role in stock prices, I'm aware of that and how it works. All I need to do is find out who is buying/selling what and when. Is there a website or another source where I can find that information?
premiums? I believe we may be eligible to continue our current coverages with Kaiser when my spouse retires, but the premium will be $1200 monthly. What can we do to get affordable health care? We both have preexisting conditions, and although we are healthy, it makes health care almost out of our reach, when we both have conditions which require several visits to health care providers annually.
Of course I like it!But it is not good to eat too much.
I don't know where to put the thread.I think spring mattress is about health,so I put it here. I was wondering if you can use a thick mattress pad on a box spring instead of a regular mattress. I just got an apartment and brand new mattresses (even futon mattresses) are out of my budget. If not, any Ideas?
What kind of hair do you think is suitable for my face?You can see my face on the avatar.
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