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Yes, it is actually one of their first last. Last number is 041.Cheers.
Black Sinatra is definitely a HIT, the lines are tremendously ergonomic and the fit is like a glove !!!  
You are welcome.
Good to hear, that !!!
Very good question !!!
For your information, many of the Lobb, G&G or JM Weston posted or resold by other members either on SF, Ebay or thestylerush.com has been sold by me. Sonetimes at outrageously high prices or sometimes so cheap that ...some resold at at least twice the price I gave them. There are some that don't even reply to me when I try to buy back from them throwback shoes that I sold them. Don't worry about the quality of my items, they are well above average. And you may very well...
Love it, too !!! If any GMTO on papworth: count me in.
I hope for you, there is a special sponge for suede from a French company ( FAMACO) with a product on it that will help you refresh the shoe color when you get them. They are the ones that actually used to manufacture JMW shoe care products.
Thanks for promoting my shoes, TerminHATER !!!
Beautiful and well worth it !!! In a near future there will only be a handfull of skill workers able to deliver work like that. Like I said earlier G&G is on its own class !!!
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