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Hi, the Demi chasse retail price in Paris is 650 euros and it is definitely a great model but make sure you ask for the 696 model.
1)  Brand new John Lobb Ilford Pewter Museum UK size 10/ US size 11  asking price 850$. 2) Brand new John Lobb Rothley Misty Green UK size 10/ US size 11 asking price 850$. 3) Brand new John Lobb Chester UK size 10/ US size 11 asking price 599$/p> 4) Brand new John Lobb Woddcote UK size 10/US size 11 asking price 899$. 5) Brand New John Lobb Willoughby Spring Green UK size 10EE/ UK size 11  asking price 949$ 6) Brand New John Lobb Highgate Black Museum Uk size 10/ US size...
Hi, I have a BNWT Versace charcoal suit, if you are still looking let me know. Thanks.
It is a style that would never ever go out of style. A true icon ...
It happened to me twice to want to buy it and find that the model was sold out and I had to wait almost 8 months to get it. The last time was 4 years ago. The leather used for it  goes through a lot of different vegetal treatments and has to sit a long time on the last to get the proper shape. I had one pair of Chasse that I kept for twenty years and are still in excellent shape.
Beautiful city III...Perfect size, from a great seller, LOL !!!
There are only two masters bootmakers in the factory who are able to make these shoes. they are definitely quintessential.  
Jazz, as zapasman said you won't really see the difference but make sure you pick a UK size 10.  Sizing down for a loafer could make the shoes fit too short for your size. Trust me, I know very well your size ...
   triple sole                                                                                          model Conti MTO
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