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JM Weston Chasse Hunt derby. these are the most expensive model that the Maison JM Weston sells, retail price for these brand new is over 2000$ plus taxes... written size is UK10 which translate to a US11.. Please note that the shoe trees are not included.
3 shoes left !!!
Four shoes left !!!
www.thestylerush.com    40% OFF until monday with coupon code ( springfest015).
Five shoes left !!!
1- John Lobb William II boot Parisian museum- UKsize 11- asking price 949$ 2- Brand new John Lobb Brampton- UK size 10.5 asking price is 599$ 3- John Lobb Becketts-UK11E- asking price sold. 4- John Lobb X Paul Smith limited edition slippers- UK size 10-asking price- 599$ 5- John Lobb driver- UK size 10 -asking price- 599$ 6- John Lobb Turf boots- Brown UK size 10- asking price- 699$ 7- John Lobb turf boots- midnight suede- asking price-699$ 6-John Lobb museum derby-UK size...
48 Hours final clearance at thestylerush.com up to 80% off.
John Lobb Becketts in Dark Brown museum: THE ICON !!!
1- John Lobb Limited Edition St crepinUK size 9.5  US size 10.5 asking price SOLD. 2- Corthay dress shoeswritten size 42 equivalent to a US 8.5SOLD. 3- JM Weston loafersUK size 9/ US size 10asking price SOLD. 4- JM Weston model 300UK size 10 / US 11asking price SOLD. 5- John Lobb TruroUK10/US11asking price SOLD
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