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plus one !!!
Triple sole: Bam !!!!👍
It will age greatly, the shades will deepen with the time. An amazingly beautiful skin !!!
1- G-Star Raw Low Boots  asking sold$. US SIZE 11/UK size 10 2- G-Star Raw Hi sneakers  asking price SOLD$. US SIZE 11/UK size 10 3- G-Star Raw Hi leather sneakers US Size 11/UK size 10 Asking price sold $ 4- G-Star Side Grilled Denim Leather sneakers  asking price 120$. US Size11/ UK size 10
He told you the truth, these holes are the ones they use to keep the skin on the last while the shoes seat are adopting the shape of it. It is a testimony of the hand work done on the shoes. You will find it in the back of a Hunt derby too where the achilles is.
Received it and I was very disappointed !!!
Sweet !!! But make sure the snow don't ruin that beauty !!!
Think twice before doing it or get professional help to do it. Because It will dry the suede and significantly affect the quality of your shoes. If you don't like the color sell it instead or trade it for something else instead of doing something you might regret.
What size were you looking for ?
Get the luffield in deep blue, they are amazingly classy with a fashion twist !!!
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