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...the risk to be amazed by the unique shades you will have on your shoes !
Thanks razl, you're the SF's Tom Brady !!!
These are Parisian brown. Gold Museum is very different with some lighter accents, like this :
John Lobb St Crepin Limited Edition St Crepin in Parisian Museum Calf leather.  UK size 10 1/2 which is a US size 11 or 11 1/2. Shoe trees are not included. shoes have some shop wear on the soles as you can see on the pictures. Asking price is 999.
Pair of John Lobb X Paul Smith Pebble Grey Cashmere Suede in Uk size 10 / US size 11 shoe trees are not included. Asking price $699 shipped CONUS & Canada.
Congrats for the baby !!! but he or she might leave Daddy walking barefoot selling off his previous babies !!!
The Kendal calf is very soft and supple on the outside but extremely thick on the inside. It really feel like a glove especially on the Chambord II or Darby III. The water repellent property is good but not like it is waterproof or something. The lord calf, is great for prestige model it ages very well and if well creamed will have little to no creasing.
That's what I'm talking about : John Lobb should just do masterpieces like that, stay on their lane and lead, Alleluia !!!
2- John Lobb Edward UK9.5 which is a US11, shoe trees are not included asking price $549.
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