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Sweet !!! But make sure the snow don't ruin that beauty !!!
Think twice before doing it or get professional help to do it. Because It will dry the suede and significantly affect the quality of your shoes. If you don't like the color sell it instead or trade it for something else instead of doing something you might regret.
What size were you looking for ?
Get the luffield in deep blue, they are amazingly classy with a fashion twist !!!
You can contact JM Weston flagship in NYC, if you already know the model you want, they'll ship it to you. Ask about Daniel Hagy !!!
St crepin 2008, ilford pewter museum.
So no GST, no import taxes.
You can cope it at  the stylerush and have it shipped domestically.
Up to 70% off  and free woldwide shipping at thestylerush.com.
Hi, the Demi chasse retail price in Paris is 650 euros and it is definitely a great model but make sure you ask for the 696 model.
New Posts  All Forums: