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Yeah that's on the buyer. You're only guaranteed not to get charged duties on a package marked gift that's below $50-60 (I forget which specifically) in Canada. He should've known that. I wouldn't split that charge, nor would I, as a customer demand that you do either. He may bitch and moan and give you a negative transaction rating but it's his fault at the end of the day. As a Canadian, ain't that the fuckin truth. America: "We won't charge duties below $800." Canada:...
2 pages from now: "The Official Artisanal Vacuum Thread"
Extra 15% off sale stuff at rooneyshop.com with code extra15, Super cheap for Americans with low CAD right now.
Would any of you Baller Boot thread regulars happen to know which American stores stock Cherevichkiotvichki?
 No idea about Frans Boone but you will get hit by Brokerage fees (~40% of order value) from CNCPTS.
 I emailed the company about sizing on the crew neck relaxed tees. They sent me back a size chart. Chest is 47.6" and length is 31.2" on XL. 
I am also interested in a proxy for the sample sale. Please pm me if you are willing to proxy.
 I don't think the pattern is unique. Gentry sells a few shirts by them and the measurements are almost exactly the same as TBB gives for the M&M shirts. Anyone know how it would compare to how Gitman Vintage fit?
Size 11. Worn <5 times.   Not my style so I'm letting them go.   Buyer pays shipping. They come without the box.
Size XL. Bought around a year ago and worn very little, ~5 times. No visible wear.   Too small for me now and not really my style.
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