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 No idea about Frans Boone but you will get hit by Brokerage fees (~40% of order value) from CNCPTS.
 I emailed the company about sizing on the crew neck relaxed tees. They sent me back a size chart. Chest is 47.6" and length is 31.2" on XL. 
I am also interested in a proxy for the sample sale. Please pm me if you are willing to proxy.
 I don't think the pattern is unique. Gentry sells a few shirts by them and the measurements are almost exactly the same as TBB gives for the M&M shirts. Anyone know how it would compare to how Gitman Vintage fit?
Size 11. Worn <5 times.   Not my style so I'm letting them go.   Buyer pays shipping. They come without the box.
Size XL. Bought around a year ago and worn very little, ~5 times. No visible wear.   Too small for me now and not really my style.
Looks like Norse Store sale started: http://www.norsestore.com/catalog?on_offer=1
Also looking for a proxy for the Dana Lee sample sale. Please pm if your interested in helping me out.
Got some W+H from acrimony black friday sales, shipped to Ontario by USPS and I didn't have to pay any duties.
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