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For those interested I've just updated this article at the bottom regarding Comipel Cordovan vs Horween Cordovan, including some comparison pictures between my Tricker's Mogano Brown Cordovan and Alden's Color #8. http://www.stitchedandstitched.com/?p=1488   Hope this is useful for anyone thinking about investing in a pair. 
I recently enquired about an MTO Horween Cordovan boot at Tricker's Jermyn Street. I've heard it from many suppliers and now Tricker's themselves - Tricker's do not make shoes with the Horween product. They have a few Horween hides on offer, but I don't think they're Cordovan. The reason, I was told, was because Horween didn't always provide enough material suitable for boot making, so they stopped ordering it from them as they were unhappy with the supply.    That...
I can definitely testify to that. I've taken my Cameraman jacket off a couple of times and found my shirt soaked underneath. A jacket for wet, cold to mild days. Nothing warmer and nothing much beyond freezing.    I've noticed some of the later Cameraman jackets have linings in the top half… I would imagine this is a much needed improvement.    All that said, it's still my favourite jacket! 
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