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Check out Superfeet.
Anyone remember what last was used for the Gobi?
Just a reminder that neither boot offers much protection if you have a get off on the bike.
How did you size the AE.vs the 1k?
Yes, deets on the pants please.
Smartwool, Darn tough.
Like Larry David says, who wears sunglasses inside? assholes and blind people that's who!
I too wear 35 in both Polo Preston and Brooks Madison, the Clark fit I have are 35 have more room in the waist so much so I had to have them taken in. More room too for large quads etc. Mine are 15 months old so ymmv.   Hope this helps, also the LL bean chinos have been a solid performer for me size 34 measured 35.
I got a spend 300 get a 100 off coupon.
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