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Check out Rancourt ,Red Wing and Oak Street Bootmakers.
Any insight on how the B 34 last fits?
post in the B S forum.
Do you know what your brannock measurement is? If so subtract half a size. Since the chukka run tts I would go with the 9. Hope this helps.
Yea, for the 8 last most size down half size from bannock size.
On my foot I feel both boots are pretty close in lenght and width but the Iron rangers have more volume.   Most running stores REI etc  have all of the superfeet available to try on and wear around to test out.
For my 1KM and IR I sized the same 12. I measure 12.5 on the brannock they both fit great with a midweight smartwool hiking sock. The IR for sure has more room in fact I could add a thin insole with the same sock weight. Both Great boots!
I measure 12.5 on the branock and a 12 fit great with a thick smartwool hiking sock.
I picked up the McClean last week. Looks like just a captoe brown 1000 mile boot. Only available in the one make up brown captoe. Excellent fit and finish made in USA etc. I really like mine for the price this is a no brainer.
Just checked the mail I too received the 40% invitation.
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