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You can pick up the Strand all colors at Nordstrom for $288 now.
@ Waters, yea my Odenwald had the same issue. I just used a pair of pliers to crimp the eyelet flush. I am sure AE would take care of this in short order for you. It just took me a second with a pair of pliers vs sending back etc. Hope this helps.
Yep,too tight, too short, collar gap, etc.
bbob, I am no expert but that crease is not acceptable.   I would contact cs with your photos and get  their take on the problem.   AE has GREAT cs.   Keep us posted.
Yep, pair number 2.
Smartwool and many others offer thin wool dress socks. The Nordstrom house brand wool dress socks are pretty good and not too hard on the wallet.
You may get more help/feedback if you post this in the Tailors fit feedback thread. 
Check out Rancourt ,Red Wing and Oak Street Bootmakers.
Any insight on how the B 34 last fits?
post in the B S forum.
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