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Tried on some buttero sneakers the other day and decided I don't really like luxe/baller sneakers. Chucks, Stans, sk8 his, etc do it for me I think. Or maybe I'm just convincing myself since they're like a quarter of the price?    Also, lol: 
No one will notice. No one. It would still be a dealbreaker for me either way though.    I remember another piece on their webstore that buttoned opposite last season. Or maybe it was a shirt with the pocket on the wrong side. Something like that, but I can't remember. Great story. 
Guy's a scumbag. 
Disabled adblock to see what the hubbub was about and most of the background ad isn't even visible lol. Doesn't even show the full name of the company. 
Shoulda invested in apple a year ago instead of some shit restaurant I'll never go to and I would have 1200 bucks or something instead of no money, no jacket, and no fucking refund.   @mrchariybrown @impolyt_one Update please. 
x100s is dope. Fixed lens doesn't bother me. The optics are awesome and there's something to be said for the simplicity. Interchangeable seems like a bit of a negative to me now TBH. 
Plus an exercise in delayed gratification. 
Hoping the next instagram picture posted is a bag full of refunds. 
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