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I went the Herring route as well when I was in your position. Leather was decent, shape surprisingly quite nice. Would recommend, though I don't have many opportunities to wear them. 
 I saw Glenn O'Brien ordering a sandwich in Soho(?) last week. He was wearing APCs, tucked blue and white striped shirt, and I think maybe white sneakers. Looked pretty cool. No grey though. Would have said hello if the opportunity presented itself, but it didn't, so I didn't. Sandwich was okay. 
@t3hg0suazn thanks dude! Will definitely cross things off of that list. 
I got scouted a few times many moons ago and eventually went in and ended up signing a contract of some sort with a local agency. Didn't end up getting placed internationally and that was the end of that. It was a weird world from what I saw, but I wish I took it more seriously at the time because it could have led to some awesome opportunities. Wasn't into clothes at all at that point, but my buddy's brother was a model and I knew he walked for Burberry and whatnot for...
Any Paris recommendations? Food, drinks, shopping, etc? Anything and everything. Going to be here for a year-ish and currently staying in Pigalle (by Moulin Rouge) for a month and maybe elsewhere for the other 11. Open to any meet-ups as well!
I buy one pair of jeans a year basically and I've never had a pair wear out and I wear them nearly daily. Never had a shirt wear out either and I wear the same six OCBDs six days/week, more or less. 
Dope fit. Love the frames and orange shoes. Your grandson looks alright too. 
What's the scale of those floral prints? 
 $40k watch sounds like a frill to me. 
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