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Yeah, but has he copped the painted cream flower yet?   I didn't think so. 
Gravity Pope has some cheap plain toed bluchers. 
Yeah, they're pretty sick. Faux shearling unfortunately, but that's alright. I just randomly googled for them one day and was so stoked to see that they actually exist. Thankfully we got a nice lil community here that will help us poor Canadians cop jawnz! 
"Shearling" lined Vans for bumming around the house. Thanks for the proxy @Parker    
Interested! Also, not surprised to hear that's what you wear. 
I'm choosing to take this as a compliment. 
Just to throw one more into the mix... I tried so many hair products including all mentioned (aside from Fuko) until I found my personal grail - Baxter clay pomade. I'm not asian, but have fine, straight hair. The clay pomade was perfect. Just the right amount of hold, hair was malleable, could still run fingers through it, not greasy, smells good, doesn't look like "product", y'know? I guess it's a really personal thing though, because I didn't think much of Kevin Murphy,...
Looking for cheap watch recommendations. Like cheap cheap. Not Seiko 5 cheap. I usually wear a $30 Timex. Went surfing with it recently and now the Indiglo™ doesn't work. Still ticking though.   Digital or analog. New or vintage. Sub $50 maybe? Leaning towards one of those Casio numbers that terrorists apparently like, but looking for more suggestions. 
Yeah, really diggin' those @the shah 
Anyone in America want to proxy something off of the Vans website for me? Or point me in the direction of someone who will? Jerks don't ship to Canada. 
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