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 I admire your lack of fuck giving. I give way too many fucks. 
@LA Guy, what's the story with the scooter?      Via 
  I see these dudes around my neighbourhood all the time. Pretty cool cats. 
If anyone wants to buy a spot, I have one from Jan 4th. Order is for a lamb CWU, but from what I understand, you can order whatever you want. 
 This is the perfect place to post pics of toj alternatives. 
@impolyt_one     Refunds would be nice. 
Suits are easier to get right than casual stuff, IMO. It's not hard to follow the "rules" if you're trying to look socially acceptable for a wedding or funeral:   Navy or grey suit with blue or white shirt with navy-based tie with white linen square with black or brown captoes. Jacket - single breasted, button at the navel, 3"ish lapels, must cover ass, shoulders fit, button doesn't pull. Tie - asymmetrical knot, 3"ish, texture is nice, ends at belt. Shirt - ~1/2" of...
Dip-dye house by Geller?
Reminds me a bit of the "Manifest Destiny" GAP/McNairy/GQ tee. 
Yes, and your jacket isn't the same as the one you ordered. 
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