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Reading about how J Crew is in trouble, when...   lol
Yeah, it was. It was purple and white when I lived there, and they've changed it to Mondrian colours now I guess. 
Pigalle is okay. I wanted to like it, but when I saw the stuff in person, I wasn't really digging it, aside from a few pieces. And the couple things I tried on fit weird, so I dunno. All I wanted was a hat and all they had left was royal purple, so I even failed there.   Stephane Ashpool seems like a really cool guy though. Super into the community and does a lot for kids. Has a basketball team and got them a court in an empty lot right in the middle of the...
Such a nice day today!      J Crew (tuque)  Cowichan qlo APC Dayton
What ya'll listening to these days? Any good releases lately? 
What if he worked on the train tracks? 
 Thought so. Kinda hard to tell in photos sometimes. 
[[SPOILER]]  Dope, as per usual. Is the MA+ dark brown or black? 
"korean brad pitt look-alike factor" lol 
Saw the brown ones on instagram. Both pairs look great.
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