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 What dates? 
 Thanks. I'm looking for something for actual hiking. Limmer looks pretty cool, but it doesn't look like it's available locally to try on. 
 Gotta show off that Thom Browne label somehow, man.
Denim underpants! @zissou pulling no punches.
 Can I piggyback this post and ask for hiking boot recommendations? 
Macaroon:      Macaron:     
More of a cool wall than cool fit, but the light was nice!  UniqloWings/HornsAdidas x SoloistRaleigh   [[SPOILER]]
Part of thinking that something didn't "look good" on you is that you're just not used to seeing yourself wearing something different. If you wore your pants backwards every day for a year, turning them around would feel weird and look wrong (to you).   That's where other people's opinions can be helpful - they might be seeing something that you're not. Buy some Dior 19cms like Synth said and wear them for a week and you will get used to them and start to realize that...
Having that much clothing would stress me out.
Oh fuck, bedbugs are the worst man. Got them at a hostel in Lisbon. The hostel had like a wand steamer thing for killing them with heat (a bad sign they had one on hand). See if there is one of those available for your bags and shiz. Toss all your clothes in the dryer and then straight into plastic bags like you said. Be super paranoid when you get home because they will ruin your life. 
New Posts  All Forums: