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I think it's because of URLs.  Also why Linkin Park is spelled like it is. was taken. 
Oh, I know it's not the same as a legit 626. I was comparing the UO leather one (which I own) to the UO suede one (which I do not) and hoping they fit the same. 
Dammit! Hard to see a difference online. I'll have to order it to check it out. Thanks for the info though. 
Will definitely cop. 
Assuming the suede UO Schott is the same cut as the leather one, I don't find the sleeves too long at all. I think my arms are longer than average, but not by a lot.    Wish I copped the suede one tbh. I think I was trying to fill a gap in my closet without really considering that suede is more suited to my personality. Fit is pretty bang on for me, so I'll probably pick one up a suede version eventually. Those James Grose ones look sick too. 
True. Rangefinder-esque, I guess. I just like how the viewfinder isn't centered. 
Want to upgrade my x100s sometime this year. Think I decided on the xpro2 over the xt2. Realized half the reason I like rangefinders is my nose doesn't smash up against the LCD like it does with an SLR. 
Do you/did you BMX?  Dig that Grizzly jacket. 
I have a handful of Club Monaco knits and they are pretty solid tbh. Don't remember seeing any shawl collars last time I was in there, but they had some nice stuff on pretty deep discount. 
 Grey. Bit darker IRL than the web pics. Black was nice too. Quality is good, really like the fabric. Roomy in the thigh/seat, not a lot of room in the calf. Measurements seem pretty accurate, with the thigh being slightly tighter. I sized down.  The satin bomber and parka were also really cool in person. 
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