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I buy one pair of jeans a year basically and I've never had a pair wear out and I wear them nearly daily. Never had a shirt wear out either and I wear the same six OCBDs six days/week, more or less. 
Dope fit. Love the frames and orange shoes. Your grandson looks alright too. 
What's the scale of those floral prints? 
 $40k watch sounds like a frill to me. 
[[SPOILER]] My favourite 5-zip fit was someone who posted an illustration of themselves wearing one. Google is failing me. 
When I used to build cabinets and custom furniture, we'd have a huge fat stack of say... solid walnut. You grab a piece to mill it and if it's not perfect, it gets set aside. Eventually, your perfect pile has dwindled, and you're pulling from the slightly less perfect pile and so on and so forth until you've used up all the usable pieces.    Maybe something similar happening here? Are we getting to the dregs of the hides? I assume they've bought leather in bulk and...
Sweet, thanks man! 
@ghdvfddzgzdzg None, never! My wife has been before though.   Probably gonna skip things like Statue of Liberty and maybe Empire State Building, if that gives you a general idea. Might hit up a museum or two since we do that here anyways. Likely not going to do a lot of shopping, but wouldn't mind checking out cool stores anyways. Staying in the west village. Wanna see a broadway show too. Other than that, we just sorta play things by ear. 
 Obvious isn't it?  
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