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I wish I was the Earl of Cardigan instead of the Earl of the lowly Mock Turtleneck...
Yeah, I don't really like terry towel robes. My W+H one I think is "tiger fleece". Same as their hoodies, I think. 
Yeah I have a non-Ace W+H one that I wear so much bumming around that one elbow is wearing through. Unfortunately, it shrunk pretty bad in this POS washer/drier in my new apartment. 
Reigning Champ - http://shop.reigningchamp.com/products/fw15-reigning-champ-hooded-robe-black
  I like it! I don't think participation would be very high though. I know I don't own one. 
Hey, I still need to make a challenge thread. What do you guys think about a "previous level" challenge? Cap the price-range at like J Crew mall-type biz. Uniqlo, gap, zara, muji, j crew, club monaco, addidas, converse, nike, docs, diy, thrifted non-designer stuff, etc.    Open to other ideas of course, just thought I'd throw it out there, considering the topic of conversation the past couple days. 
...do you not? 
 Meh, gave you the benefit of the doubt. I shoulda listened to @penanceroyaltea instead. 
Flip flops are mostly terrible, maybe beachwear at best. Ugly, noisy, unhygienic, generally gross. If you want to wear them, go for it, but you're unlikely to find validation on a fashion forum, no matter how many pictures you post of yourself wearing them. What's your goal here? If you want to dress "better", then ditch them for your next fit. If you want to share what you're wearing today, you probably won't find people too interested in hoodies, jeans, and flip flops....
If you're looking for advice, you might find people more receptive if you leave out "bring the hate", "jeaous?", and "duhhh" type comments. We're not your advice lackeys, waiting with bated breath for your latest fit. Obviously, lurk this thread and post intermittently if you want to "improve". Maybe check out MFA on reddit, since it seems like that's a bit more of a how-to type place. putthison.com also has some good resources and they have some cool cats writing for...
New Posts  All Forums: