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If anyone wants to buy a spot, I have one from Jan 4th. Order is for a lamb CWU, but from what I understand, you can order whatever you want. 
 This is the perfect place to post pics of toj alternatives. 
@impolyt_one     Refunds would be nice. 
Suits are easier to get right than casual stuff, IMO. It's not hard to follow the "rules" if you're trying to look socially acceptable for a wedding or funeral:   Navy or grey suit with blue or white shirt with navy-based tie with white linen square with black or brown captoes. Jacket - single breasted, button at the navel, 3"ish lapels, must cover ass, shoulders fit, button doesn't pull. Tie - asymmetrical knot, 3"ish, texture is nice, ends at belt. Shirt - ~1/2" of...
Dip-dye house by Geller?
Reminds me a bit of the "Manifest Destiny" GAP/McNairy/GQ tee. 
Yes, and your jacket isn't the same as the one you ordered. 
For fellow photogs, designers, etc checking out f.lux, it looks like you can disable it for certain apps (lightroom, photoshop, etc). 
I'm always curious about people's occupations.    Never pegged Fuuma as a baguette throwing champ though. 
Some photos of the march in Paris yesterday:       
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