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 Are those chucks still available anywhere? 
 Thanks, I really like it. Only thing that bugs me a bit is that the quilting on the shoulders is kinda padded and makes me look more V-like than normal. Don't usually need to accentuate my shoulders. The quilting was quite a bit stiffer than the rest, so I sorta rolled it up and tried to soften it a bit and I think it worked. Seems to have relaxed a little. Leather is calf I think, feels pretty good. Talon zips. Nice! I like the suede. We should start a gang. 
  [[SPOILER]]   AcneqloqloCDG chucks
If anyone ever sees me IRL, please say hi. 
Back at it again with the white vans!   
 Zipper and collar are on the proper side, so I assume it's men's no? Might as well wing it at that price and see how it works.  Weird about the woman's tag though. 
Day late cross-post:     [[SPOILER]]   Schott x UODunno Wings/HornsAdidas x Soloist 
Picked up the Schott/Urban Outfitter perfecto collab recently. Not the greatest pics, but:       It was discussed ITT that the leather is likely top-grain, not full-grain (correct me if I'm wrong) and I think that's probably accurate. Very soft and pliable from the get go. Don't need to break it in or anything. I assume it won't really get as nice with wear as something with a more substantial leather. Haven't handled legit Schott in quite some time, so tough to...
Patagonia's is good. Snowpeak's butthole is my favourite:  
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