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Anyone in America want to proxy something off of the Vans website for me? Or point me in the direction of someone who will? Jerks don't ship to Canada. 
Dayton will do custom/bespoke too.   edit: maybe not quite to that level, but you never know. 
Good discussion going here, dudes.    Anyone listen to 99% Invisible today?    http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/the-trend-forecast/   Podcast about trend forecaster, WGSN (never heard of 'em). The talk about how WGSN predicts/creates trends from two years out. They have a site behind a paywall that brands pay $$$ to access fancy pinterest or something. There are even design templates that brands just pull into illustrator and presto-chango SS17. Guy who started...
Don't overthink it - it looks great. If you go back and get the bigger size, you'll regret that at some point too. Source: been there, done that. 
Post this to the challenge thread!
  Acne qlo Levi's  RLBL
Over a year later and I still haven't bought a shirt like that. Hair is long enough for sleazy 70s fashion, but only six (+/- 1) chest hair. Moustache pretty anemic too. 
Do you have any specific examples or when you put this to use? 
I'd agree, and I feel like the distinguishing feature of the V60 (the spiral grooves) add another variable that can throw things off. Get a great cup more often than not, but something is off from time to time. That pour-and-wait-and-pour-some-more method helps though.   I'm gonna try out the Clever or one of those Bonavita immersion numbers next, I think. 
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