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Challenge vote is up! http://www.styleforum.net/t/526604/entry-level-challenge-vote-now/0_50
Let me know if I missed anyone. Put this poll together 3G with my phone while camping hah.
Thanks to all who participated. Some nice budget fits in here. Get yo votes in! Winner will be announced in a week or so.
Yo, go check out the challenge thread if you haven't yet. Ending soon! 
Not too late, I'm gonna push the end date a day or two, since I've been pretty MIA lately (summer). 
Cool fit! You should post it here. 
Definitely croc-y, but not much more than EVA Birks. Shape is pretty good. They look fairly rubberish IRL. 
Edit - whoa, hour late double-post
 I'm going camping at a lake next week and probably gonna pick up some Natives:   EVA upper. Dunno how much I'll end up liking them, but the convenience can't be denied for beach days. Everyone wears them round these parts. 
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