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You guys have any good v60 recipes/tips? 
You are super duper funny. 
How big is that model? 6'0 160ish size 48? 
Nice shots, good job. Taking portraits of people on the street is not easy. Disagree with the "nice kit" comment. First of all, x100 is a pretty nice piece of kit. You can make nice pictures with a disposable if you wanted. The hard part with street photography isn't technical, it's psychological. For me anyways.   x100 is a bit tough though because autofocus is pretty shit and it's a bit slow in general. For this documentary kinda thing though, these work. I prefer...
Tons of good stuff in here past couple days!
   L'As is okay, but that line is a bummer. I'm not sure about Lenny Kravitz' falafel authority tbh. Best I had in Paris was in the Latin Quarter - Chez le Libanais (Rue St André des Arts). 
 Oh man! I totally saw this a week or so ago, but forgot to post about it. Tried to google what ami jeans @nicelynice has and this site popped up. Got distracted and it completely slipped my mind. So strange. 
Some recent stuff. Borders and compression via instagram:   
I don't usually follow gear releases too often, but Fuji just announced the x70. It's pretty much exactly what I've been thinking about to compliment my x100s and d800. Super small and fixed 28mm equiv. No viewfinder, but I just want something with a decent sensor to throw in my pocket everyday. And of course it has a swivelling touch-screen for "selfies", which I think you'll all agree is crucial.    Ricoh GR is cool, but a fairly seamless transition from Fuji to Fuji...
He isn't a good person. He will neither deliver the product we paid for nor will he face any legal trouble. He absconded with hundreds of thousands of USD with nary a backwards glance and has gotten away scot-free. He is a terrible human being who doesn't deserve your defence or your pity.  If you're friends with Dan still, I'm sure he can fill you in on what a good person drew keith is. 
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