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I'd agree, and I feel like the distinguishing feature of the V60 (the spiral grooves) add another variable that can throw things off. Get a great cup more often than not, but something is off from time to time. That pour-and-wait-and-pour-some-more method helps though.   I'm gonna try out the Clever or one of those Bonavita immersion numbers next, I think. 
This suede number looks pretty cool though  
I have one of those UO Schotts. Fits TTS, I'd say size down if you're on the fence between sizes. I'm 6'0 and a M fits pretty good. 10% off if you sign up for their mailing list (I think).    Not a fan of that All Saints one. 
My unfulfilled order didn't put me in financial ruin, but it took so long to never arrive, that my financial situation was quite different than the two years earlier when I ordered. Was making pretty good money, ordered a jacket, waited, waited, waited... decided to go traveling and stop working for the better part of a year, and an $800 refund certainly wouldn't have hurt when I returned back to reality. And if I received the jacket that I ordered, I could have at least...
     Hmm, interesting perspective, can you expand? 
Apropos of nothing but the mention of Ansel Adams, but Stephen Shore said that a meeting with a drunk Adams was one of the five most transformative events of his career. He was in his 20s and Adams in his 80s (I think).    During this meeting, Adams told him, "I had a creative hot streak in the 40s, and since then I've been pot-boiling [ie, churning out work for money]". Shore didn't want to look back on his life as an 85 year old and think that he'd been repeating...
"...an onsite legend"
Dutil Denim in Vancouver/Toronto will do repairs. Chain-stitch too. Haven't used them, but probably gonna bring in a couple of pairs soon and will report back. Local only I think. 
Congrats to the champion, @kindofyoung !   Thanks to all who participated! Looking forward to the next one. 
Last day to vote for the challenge winner. Pretty close race, so vote if you haven't. 
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