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And here is a fit to stay on topic. Cheesin'      Helmet, too big Persol Club Monaco Uniqlo Wings/Horns RLBL Vespa
  Hey, this is a not-very-good story, but this comic was drawn by a guy named Ryan Pequin and his web-comic is called Three Word Phrase. One day this guy named Ryan moved in next door to me and he asked borrow my wifi password till Shaw got off their asses to hook up his internet. Said "no problem, bro" and he gave me some beer. Sweet deal.  Few months later, I get some of his mail by mistake and I couldn't help but notice that the sender on the envelope was something with...
And drew sucks.
These dudes' trousers are custom.
 Everything, except presumably the shoes. 
Too small, IMO.
 Alt: [[SPOILER]]  Persol Uniqlo UniqloDaytonMuji backpack
@dieworkwear thanks for the PTO shoutout 
Playing around with Nike ID because I want some blazers and made these. Can't tell if I'm being funny or stupid. Thoughts?   
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