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 Yeah, I type "sty+enter" and it takes me to my subs. Sometimes I accidentally hit "sty'+enter" with an apostrophe and it takes me to unpleasant google results. 
 Pretty cool. Deets? 
^ ditto, also late May. Maybe we will see each other at the same recommendations. I assume you know the secret sf handshake? 
Not worth it. 
Jesus, they have wooden pocket squares in case you want to match your wooden tie to your wooden square to your wooden lapel flower to your wood-brimmed fedora. Complete with folding instructions!:    http://www.woodenbowties.com/blog/how-to-fold-a-wooden-pocket-square/
We Dutch have been waiting for this moment a very long time. Everything's comin' up Milhouse! 
Those wooden fedoras omg. That's some onion level shit right there. What will the next big wooden accessory be?
Always liked the looks of these SEH Kelly coats in ventile:        There are a few other models too - http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/jackets/
Popped into Roots today and there are some pretty good options for leathers for plebeians like myself. Might be a Canada only thing? All made in Canada, riri zips, decent fits, etc.    Thought this bomber was pretty nice:     Leather felt good to me, but I don't know shit about it. Sale's associate said it was deer, another said it was calf, I would have assumed it was lamb. Really soft and quite lightweight. Not as shiny/plasticy as above.   Another moto that I...
New Posts  All Forums: