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Seems like more women are wearing Stans than Chucks in Paris right now. It's crazy. 
I've been told by Charly that Drew will "get to the refund sometime this week". Looks like I'll be getting my money back, anyone else? Interested to see what "sometime this week" will turn into though haha. 
 Thinking of going as a Barnett Newman painting.
 Does that six years include the year they just took off, or...? 
I went the Herring route as well when I was in your position. Leather was decent, shape surprisingly quite nice. Would recommend, though I don't have many opportunities to wear them. 
 I saw Glenn O'Brien ordering a sandwich in Soho(?) last week. He was wearing APCs, tucked blue and white striped shirt, and I think maybe white sneakers. Looked pretty cool. No grey though. Would have said hello if the opportunity presented itself, but it didn't, so I didn't. Sandwich was okay. 
@t3hg0suazn thanks dude! Will definitely cross things off of that list. 
I got scouted a few times many moons ago and eventually went in and ended up signing a contract of some sort with a local agency. Didn't end up getting placed internationally and that was the end of that. It was a weird world from what I saw, but I wish I took it more seriously at the time because it could have led to some awesome opportunities. Wasn't into clothes at all at that point, but my buddy's brother was a model and I knew he walked for Burberry and whatnot for...
Any Paris recommendations? Food, drinks, shopping, etc? Anything and everything. Going to be here for a year-ish and currently staying in Pigalle (by Moulin Rouge) for a month and maybe elsewhere for the other 11. Open to any meet-ups as well!
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