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Beware those don't have any sort of pocket on them.
Anyone here own the Nike Fuelband? Been reading a bit about it and it sounds kind of intriguing, but the technology behind it could be crap. Anyone got any experiences with it?
Did anyone else not get any information from road runner sports yet? It said they would ship today, but I didn't get an email about anything,
Mine is supposed to be sent Feb. 8, is that the same for you guys?
I have this jacket in black. I have a 40" chest and the medium fits pretty well. Most sites recommend sizing one down on this peacoat but it's up to you.
That mustard suede colour is gorgeous
No, however I own a pair and they're incredibly comfortable. 
Does anyone know if LVC or M&C make raw denim 508's and where I could get them? Not a big fan of Levi's, but it's the only cut of jeans my dad likes, and I wanted to buy him a pair of raw's. ??? 
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