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For those readers who understand German here's a new interview with Bernhard Roetzel on his book Der Gentleman: http://www.stilmagazin.de/bernhard-r...-im-interview/ He tells about the birth of book, his interest classic dressing and a lot more. He also "reveals" that the original title of the book was International Style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio This one? Nice, but doesn't have a calendar... Try this one: http://www.olemathiesen.dk/brands_om...a.php?id=8date
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma How much do these retail for? I believe they start at 1000 usd.
An Ole Mathiesen is the only stylish watch from Denmark: http://www.olemathiesen.dk
Quote: Originally Posted by instep They look like a plaid, a herringbone plaid, and a herringbone windowpane to me? Indeed, there is herringbone, windownpane and a plaid. At first they look like cheviot, but two of them are dense and smooth like worsted cloth. Whatever they are, they are great, for sure, and I feel very lucky.
I visited an old tailor shop recently. The owner (he is 90!) will stop this summer, so he is selling the cloth that he has in stock. Some it is very old, 30-40 years. I found this. The two on the right look and feel like cheviot, but a bit smoother, maybe they are mottled worsted? What about the one on the left - what type of weave/cloth is that?
Roetzel is excellent in many ways. The main problem is that he lacks a good style concept. Boyer speaks of sprezzatura, Antongiavanni of balance, Michael Alden of the LL of elegance. Roetzel is too silent on that important part of dressing.
There's an extended chapter on Italian stuff & style, RTW, not bespoke.
Texture and drape (that is, not the drape cut, but drape) is much more present in IRL.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I went to a party for the well known martime historian John Maxtone-Graham, who is also a dapper dude, and he wore an 8x3 blazer. I really didn't like it, but I can't say that he didn't know what he was doing. I think I've found it:
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