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Drill is a sturdy weave. If you want your trousers tailormade, Brisbane Moss carries some of the true stuff: http://www.brisbanemoss.co.uk/colour...ON&cloth=COT00
Herringbone is a tad more formal and might be better, if you also want to use your navy suit for evening wear. Serge is for the day to day navy suit. At least, that was what Simon Cundey from Henry Poole told me.
I would vote for Burgol's yak hair brushes (not only because I know the seller). They are really dense compared to the horse hair brushed that I have: http://grunwald-true-style.com/Shoe-...g-Brushes.html
Quote: Originally Posted by andreyb2 one wonders how much workshop space left for Huntsman's tailors themselves?Andrey I'm not sure what happened to Huntman's tailors. Joe Morgan mentioned briefly that Huntsman moved their workshop to the first floor of the neigboring house. Inside Huntsman I remember that I've seen a workspace in the the back of the room but they must have a larger workshop somewhere.
I visited Chittleborough & Morgan on Savile Row the other day. They are one of the few pure bespoke tailors left on the Row, but don't get a lot of press. Some years ago they took over Huntman's old workshop in the basement of No. 12. The firm is the old Tommy Nutter firm. Roy Chittleborough & Joseph Morgan (Joe Morgan started at Nutters in 1970), continued together as Chittleborough & Morgan, when Tommy Nutter and later Edward Sexton left Nutters in 1981. Joe...
The John Lobb St. James shop is a magnificent shop. However, I was surprised by the sleepy atmosphere that I found: Really, can that attitude be the foundation for creating the greatest shoes in the world? OK, maybe I just don't know enough about shoemaking ...
DWFII, how do you look at vegetable tanned uppers versus chrome tanned uppers? I spoke to a very experienced belt maker who said that there is only one reason to use chrome tanned leathers when working with leather goods: profit margin. Do you agree?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton If muslin is necessary for bespoke, then Geneva isn't bespoke either. Nor, I would guess, are any of the London makers. Muslin is not necessary, I guess. You can do a fitting in different types of cloth. It depends on the shirtmaker.
Well, I don't think that is fair to the shirt makers who actually do a proper fitting to call H&K and rest bespoke.
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