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Too wrinkled for that.
Navy trousers and white jacket. I like.
Sorry to bump in, but the idea that fresco is a rather informal cloth and for summer, seems a little narrow from a historical point of view. David Graham of Smith Woollens once told me that their fresco (Finimeresco) was quite popular for dinner dress and balls in the 1950s and 60s because of breathability and flexibility when dancing.
You'll find the source of the Flusser photo here:
Any experience with Karl Matthews? Is he a good cutter? I see that he has just launched a new website:
The shoemaker in Slagelse combines the pegging with gluing.
Very nice cloth, and the fit looks very good. I'm not that fond of the straight open quarters. I've seen the feature on several new bespoke coats from A&S and Steed. Where does it come from? It makes the jacket look small, IMO.Here is another example from Steed's website of the straight cutaway fronts :
Don't miss a visit to Burgos - the old shirtmaker - on Cedaceros 2 and Museo Reina Sof├Ča.
I came across some pages from Bernhard Roetzel's new book:
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