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Grey sports coat can be fine with light brown pants, especially if you are blonde or blonde-brown, I think, but that cloth isn't perfect. The plaids should be larger, or better, the cloth should be a solid grey.
A blue blazer will be common for casual wear in most European countries, especially in the larger ones, but few will wear a tie with it nowadays, which doesn't mean one should omit the tie, of course
Despos, interesting point. This might explain why Savile Row tailors seem to ask for more cloth than the sole trader tailors I have met.
It has character. The beard makes it even better But, I wonder how the trousers fits? There is something with jacket length and the height of the trousers, which isn’t right.
It looks pleasant and comfortable. The plaids and the wine red colours do fine together. I am not sure, how Manton feels about the grey odd jacket , but some of us like it.
I think it does, but I find it unlikely it will reach any fine cloth shops. I once saw a polyester cloth at a tailor in Aqaba (Jordan) with a selvedge, which imitated a classic English selvedge. In regard to the H&S, I don't believe an "and" indicate much. Variation in logo is possible.
Gab is tighter and harder than serge, and gab is steeper in the furrows than serge (Gab weave is also popular for rain macs). Lesser 16 oz. bunch contains serge, Smith's 13. oz. Botany book has many.
However, we should not dismiss the special joy and quality of finding a suit or jacket in a lovely lenght of cloth instead finding an appropriate piece of cloth for a jacket or suit we have in mind ... I think this thread demonstrates it.
Very good advice from zbromer. Later in your bespoke life, bringing cloth to the tailor, which you want to have made up in a certain way, is more fun and rewarding than just picking from the tailor's cloth books.
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