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How to wear a Spanish cape:
Sorry, but those lapels still look out of proportion to me. Not sure what it is. Maybe the photo - or my glasses.
Lapels too heavy and large for that frame.
Smith's is 370 grams or 12/13 oz., I remember. I have a suit from the same cloth in the making.
I was told he expected to open in November, however at that time there was still some legal work to be done. He could be delayed.
I have a suit from that. Not as smooth and hard as a similar from Smith, Lesser or Scabal, I would say.
Roger Moore is the Bond most comfortable in a suit.
I have just received the message that Mario Bemer, the brother of Stefano, will re-open the shop in November. It has been closed, since Stefano Bemer's passing away.
Grey sports coat can be fine with light brown pants, especially if you are blonde or blonde-brown, I think, but that cloth isn't perfect. The plaids should be larger, or better, the cloth should be a solid grey.
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