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@Tonik: That is, the old strong tonik. Note the Donegal design, and the missing breast pocket. The right source, btw:
How to wear a Spanish cape:
Sorry, but those lapels still look out of proportion to me. Not sure what it is. Maybe the photo - or my glasses.
Lapels too heavy and large for that frame.
Smith's is 370 grams or 12/13 oz., I remember. I have a suit from the same cloth in the making.
I was told he expected to open in November, however at that time there was still some legal work to be done. He could be delayed.
I have a suit from that. Not as smooth and hard as a similar from Smith, Lesser or Scabal, I would say.
Roger Moore is the Bond most comfortable in a suit.
I have just received the message that Mario Bemer, the brother of Stefano, will re-open the shop in November. It has been closed, since Stefano Bemer's passing away.
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