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In the late 19th century, Donegal weavers went to Harris to learn how they had built The Harris Tweed, which had become so popular with the gentry on the mainland. Except for the speckles, which were a way to save on dyeing, Donegal tweed seems to follow the path of Harris Tweed in regard to patterns.
Dugdale English & Town Classics, Lesser 13 and 16. oz, Scabal Big Ben, Holland & Sherry Classic Worsteds. I would very much like to hear any experience with the latter myself.
Comparing the three herringbones I have from Smith, Scabal and Dugdale in the 12-13 oz. range, I would say the Scabal and Smith are more densely woven. The Scabal is the smoother one, while the Dugdale RC and the Smith Botany feels more unfinished. The Dugdale is softer than the Scabal and Botany.In regard to Scabal, I have the impression they still carry some fine medium weight fabrics, although the big business is elsewhere. I also I have a hopsack from them in 13 oz.,...
The suit I have in RC is from fabric, which I bought three or four years ago, 12/13 oz., 370 grams/m. The suit is well cut but I regret the choice of fabric, when I compare to suits I have in Scabal and Smith. The Dugdale lacks strength. Again, this is my personal opinion. I have nothing against Dugdale.
Well, it is my honest opinion based on experience. The Royal Classic is not as wellmade as Smith' Botany and Scabal's classic range. But, feel free to buy the Royal Classic.
Don't do it. It is too loose and soft for being a good city suiting. Choose Smith's Botany, Scabal, Lesser or some other validated workhorse fabric.
I'm not sure you can. The Steadfast is made from a natural blend of fine and coarse wool fibers, which is not common today, as I understand. I spoke with the owner about it, when i visited their basement in London.
The Steadfast navy blue hopsack made up:
Sorry, I mean it often needs a clothing brush. However, this could be a general "flaw" of a blue hopsack weave, I guess.
I have a reefer in Steadfast. Drapes very well. Collects dust, at least the hopsack weave I have. The Italian tailor loved it.
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