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As Pliny says, it depends on the tailor. That said, based on personal experience,1) 3.20 or 3.30 m should be plenty for 2-piece suit, even for a tall 6.5 person.2) 2 m should be enough for a jacket, even for a tall person. Again, some tailors like a little more cloth to play around with.3) 1.5 m should be enough for trousers with your size.
It is a two and two.
The problem with The LL Cloth Club is not the price or the cloth but name and communication, which give the impression of a community, although it is a cloth merchant business.
Window shopping last week in Florence: Source: https://twitter.com/JournalStyle
Volkmar Arnulf, source: http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/ There should be like five or six bespoke tailors in Berlin and 50 or so in Germany as a whole. Volkmar Arnulf, Helmut Kohl's tailor, is in the top, if not the very top. Like in most other European countries, bespoke tailors in Germany are a threatened species but I see no evidence that the best of them cannot make a sublime suit. As Sator and others at The Cutter and Tailor Forum have shown, bespoke tailoring...
"Returned goods" should work, if seller has the original invoice. Then seller can prove that purchase has been sent back.
Yes, SG makes a chambray and voile dress shirting in different solid colours like sky and pink. They also make an amount of other shirtings including a rough denim like chambray fabric for casual shirts.
In the late 19th century, Donegal weavers went to Harris to learn how they had built The Harris Tweed, which had become so popular with the gentry on the mainland. Except for the speckles, which were a way to save on dyeing, Donegal tweed seems to follow the path of Harris Tweed in regard to patterns.
Dugdale English & Town Classics, Lesser 13 and 16. oz, Scabal Big Ben, Holland & Sherry Classic Worsteds. I would very much like to hear any experience with the latter myself.
Comparing the three herringbones I have from Smith, Scabal and Dugdale in the 12-13 oz. range, I would say the Scabal and Smith are more densely woven. The Scabal is the smoother one, while the Dugdale RC and the Smith Botany feels more unfinished. The Dugdale is softer than the Scabal and Botany.In regard to Scabal, I have the impression they still carry some fine medium weight fabrics, although the big business is elsewhere. I also I have a hopsack from them in 13 oz.,...
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