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Here's one from the other day, along with some I posted previously. Equally versatile with denim, track pants, and hospital scrubs. [[SPOILER]]
Dark olive track pants and HH trainers for the Saturday morning dog walk.
I love it. The seat and thighs are the hardest fit for me. I picked up a pair of Rudys from the sale section a few years ago and have been ordering Rudy ever since. The extra seat and thigh room is key for me and they still have a modern tailored silhouette.
My experience has been that the winter weight flannel and tweed make up a touch larger than the four season/summer weight hopsack, linen, ect. I only order Rudys now, but I have a few winter weight Walts that I can wear, albeit slightly tight in the thigh.
Carmina navy shell double monk. Size 9 UK  Rain Last Original box and bags Included   These were part of a group MTO from Epaulet.  I've never really been happy with the fit, and have considered selling multiple times in the past but always ended up keeping them to see if the just needed to be broken in more. Even seeing them freshly polished for the listing pictures made me reconsider, but alas it's time to move them along. They are in really good shape, always treed...
And now for something completely (not) different: First real wear of the HH sport trainers paired with some really cool light blue scrubs.
Epaulet x Northern Watters Knitwear Heirloom Cardigan   Size 40 Ecru Nep Wood Buttons   Worn once. Great sweater, just isn't getting the wear I expected and I have a few others that I like better.   $260 Shipped
Epaulet x Northern Watters Knitwear Heirloom Cardigan Size 38Navy I sized up to a 40 with the recent pre-orders.This has been worn around half a dozen times, mainly due to being too small for me.There is a tiny pull on the sleeve. The sweater has a lifetime guarantee from Northern Watters Knitwear and can be sent back for repair if you desire.  $220 Shipped
The current Epaulet southwick jackets have approximately 1", so I assume that would apply to this one as well. [[SPOILER]]
Southwick x Epaulet Loro Piana baby camel hair sport coat. Size 38 Excellent condition. Only a few wears and unfortunately too small. Hate to give it up as the fabric is excellent. Measurements (from Epaulet) Chest 19.5" Shoulder 17" Sleeve 25.5" Length 29.75"
New Posts  All Forums: