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There is about 1.5" to let out at the waist.
Not the best pictures, but Epaulet seersucker shirt and linen Rudys for a rehearsal dinner today. Epaulet suede belt not visible. (Non Epaulet: Edios sportcoat and Meermin loafers) [[SPOILER]]
J Crew Ludlow Suit Charcoal worsted wool In excellent condition. Slim fit. Jacket 38R Pants 32 x 32
That "x" pattern batik.
This looks great. I hope this means my pear grey flannel will be on it's way soon. Same lining but I think everything else is different. I'll post comparison pictures when it arrives.Edit: just checked my UPS app, looks like it will be here Friday
Shirts and the entire spring line of ties look great. I was trying on a new suit today with a red cashmere from a few seasons ago (I think).
First of my EFF suits arrived (charcoal pique, still waiting on the pearl grey flannel). It seems like the pseudo-Rudy pants alterations work out well. I was a little worried when I saw the waist size on the packing sheet but then I saw the alterations sheet tucked in the jacket pocket. They fit pretty similarly. Of all things, the forgot to finish the pant hem as specified, but that's relatively minor. I'll try to get a good picture shortly, the charcoal pique fabric is...
A few recent pictures of harris tweed and air force flannel walts with natural chromexcel Indys.
I essentially followed this same logic to narrow it down to the same two options. I went with the pique because Mike had mentioned the REDA had a blue cast to it and I wanted something more pure grey. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I think the REDA crosshatch sold out, so it might make your choice easier.
Finalized my second Southwick EFF pick. I went with two suits, pearl grey flannel and charcoal pique. Nothing too exciting, but figured it was a good opportunity to replace an old J Crew suit. Looking forward to seeing some of the others made up.
New Posts  All Forums: