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Thanks. I was affectionately referred to as "Pants" all night.The heirlooms really tuned out great. I'm really happy with the wood buttons on the Ecru, I think the only other picture I've seen of them was the model image.
I had to leave to go out of town before my heirlooms arrived, so I'll be waiting until Monday to see mine in person. Forest is looking great though. All Epaulet tonight. White OCBD, linen Walt (let out to ~Rudy), blue calf dress belt, and navy shell Carmina.
Having just acquired my first pair of Galways, I concur. They certainly live up to the hype.Team Forest. (and Ecru). Mine are set to be delivered tomorrow.
All epaulet today. Seersucker shirt, snuff suede belt, EFF vanilla bean linen Rudys.
I had been waiting for the all white restock, but then had to decide between those and the white grain/gum. Ended up sticking with the all white. These will be my first Epaulet trainers (also in for the unfinished HH preorder). Can't wait.
Not sure about the brown version, but it looks like they'll be carrying that style. For those not on Instagram:
Mike or Dylan, If I have been measured for Individualized at a different retailer, do you know if they are able to access those measurements if I purchase a shirt through Epaulet?
These were the second pair of Walts I ever got. I quickly learned 1. The linen is little tighter fitting than wool. and 2. I'm definitely a Rudy guy. As such, these have seen very little wear. I love the weight and pattern but no sense in keeping them and not wearing them. The waist has been let out ~1" and hemmed to 30" inseam. I'll try to post full measurements shortly.
Navy LBM 1911 sport coat 100% Cotton Size EU48/US38 2 button, double vented Functioning surgeon cuffs Lapel pin included In excellent condition, worn 3-4 times but selling because I've decided it's too small and going to size up. Measurements Shoulder: 18" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 28.5" $250 shipped in the US.
New Posts  All Forums: