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Will the forest green cashmere ever be produced or is was it solely a one off sample? It looks great.
Purple cashmere is great. Both of my brothers wore one in my recent wedding. I'll post pictures eventually. Trying to figure out how I can steal one back from them.I think I picked up the last rust velvet cake cashmere yesterday.
Navy heirloom cardigan, EPNY white OCBD, and Harris tweed walts to face the first snowfall of the winter.
The latte donegal looks great. Is there any fabric left to do it in a Rudy is it all pre cut?
Shawl Collar Fisherman sweater from Epaulet Flecked Navy Color Size Medium 95% Wool 5% Cashmere sweater I picked this up last year, only wore it twice and it has been in storage since. Recently unpacked my sweaters and decided I had two many navy, this one didn't make the cut. Restock this year already sold out in Medium. $200 shipped within the CONUS.
Those grey Wilshires look great. Wish the fit worked better for me, still holding out hope for the Fairfax. EPLA Loden overdye and vintage black loopwheel today
Yea. Those are the sienna brown, they're just really dark and I couldn't get a good representation of the color. There was also a charcoal version, as you mentioned.
Camo 120s
Basically all epaulet today. [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks.  I'm also a medium EPNY/ large EPLA and a 38R.  This is a medium.  I feel like this is a good slim fit.  It's definitely fitted when buttoned up but I think it will break nicely.  A large may work for a slightly more relaxed fit. 
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