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Mike or Dylan, If I have been measured for Individualized at a different retailer, do you know if they are able to access those measurements if I purchase a shirt through Epaulet?
These were the second pair of Walts I ever got. I quickly learned 1. The linen is little tighter fitting than wool. and 2. I'm definitely a Rudy guy. As such, these have seen very little wear. I love the weight and pattern but no sense in keeping them and not wearing them. The waist has been let out ~1" and hemmed to 30" inseam. I'll try to post full measurements shortly.
Navy LBM 1911 sport coat 100% Cotton Size EU48/US38 2 button, double vented Functioning surgeon cuffs Lapel pin included In excellent condition, worn 3-4 times but selling because I've decided it's too small and going to size up. Measurements Shoulder: 18" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 28.5" $250 shipped in the US.
 I was going back through some pictures and found this one that really shows off this tie well.  The shade of purple on this was exactly what we were looking for. Photo Credit: www.braun-photography.com
Churchill tweed from last night. Just saw all the new releases on the website. So much good stuff. Really wish I had the budget right now to pick up a few.
All epaulet tonight.   Vittorio | EPNY cutaway | dove grey hopsack | belt | CarminaTie is YHNK   [[SPOILER]]
I've been meaning to post these pictures for awhile.  The topic of custom Epaulet x Gitman wedding shirts has come up a few times so I thought I'd post mine. I just emailed Mike with the specs I was looking for and he sent back some additional fabric options.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Here's the final details: Standard epaulet fit, size mediumWhite Royal Oxford fabric Full-size point collarNo chest pocketFull hidden placketRegular french cuff Photo Credits:...
Picked up the Emerald Herringbone Vittorio with a little help from a Christmas gift card.. Pretty excited since I thought it sold out long ago. Really hoping it fits, based on the measurements it should.
Doing some closet cleaning. Several shirts from J Crew, all in size smallAll worn a handful of times, cold washed and hung drySmoke free, pet free home $25/shirt shipped in the CONUS$20/shirt if buying 2 or more  [[SPOILER]]  Navy Plaid Flannel Green/Black Madras Pink/Blue Madras Navy Madras
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