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 Thanks.  I'm also a medium EPNY/ large EPLA and a 38R.  This is a medium.  I feel like this is a good slim fit.  It's definitely fitted when buttoned up but I think it will break nicely.  A large may work for a slightly more relaxed fit. 
Quick iPhone picture. Navy heirloom cardigan and white loopwheeled tee.
Speaking of, I just made one for my upcoming wedding. French cuffs, point collar and full hidden placket. There are some additional formal fabrics available that aren't up on the website as well. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Lapel width is 3 inches on my 38.
 Great pick up.  I wore mine over the weekend:  Epaulet cutaway collar shirt, sport coat, carminas and belt (not seen)
Hey everyone -- Sorry, I've been away from the computer most of the day, but following along with the commentary.  Re: pricing - as stated, I paid $850.  I love these shoes, just wish they fit me better.  That, combined with trying to minimize my loss is how I came upon the starting price.  I agree, issues/recommendations regarding pricing are best handled via PM.  That said, no hard feeling towards anyone.   @moralman - Thank you.  If you happened to be asking about...
Alden for J Crew tobacco longwing   Barrie Last  Size 9.5 D   I don't have the original box or bags, but I will include a pair of Woodlore shoe trees.    These are in great used condition, lots of wear left on the soles.  Both shoes have a small dark spot right at the peak of the broguing.  I haven't tried to cover it up with wax because it didn't bother me, but I'm sure it would be possible to mask it to some degree.       $300 Shipped in CONUS Selling to fund...
Retail was $850, which is what I paid. I guess I should have put that in the original listing. I wasn't in a rush to drop the price, but I'm certainly open to offers. Selling because 1. They have never really felt right, despite having other Carminas in the same size. 2. I'll be putting the money towards my cross country bike ride this spring (details in my sig).
Epaulet x Carmina navy shell double monk.  I've worn these around a half-dozen times and have decided that the Rain last doesn't work for me, which is unfortunate because I love these shoes.  They are in really good shape, always treed and brushed after every wear.  Some minor scuffs around the buckle from use.    Size 9 UK  Rain Last Original box and bags Included Shoe trees not included   $700 $650 $625 OBO Shipped in the CONUS
J Crew Fireman's Jacket Size Medium  Navy  Worn 15-20 times, well cared for and in excellent condition   Original Description from J Crew: " A designer favorite and a true collector's item, made from our favorite waxed cotton from the famed British Millerain® Co. Ltd. (established in 1880 and family owned for six generations). Our designers toiled over getting each detail just right, like the authentic metal clasp fastenings and corduroy collar. Ready for anything...
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