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A few recent pictures of harris tweed and air force flannel walts with natural chromexcel Indys.
I essentially followed this same logic to narrow it down to the same two options. I went with the pique because Mike had mentioned the REDA had a blue cast to it and I wanted something more pure grey. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I think the REDA crosshatch sold out, so it might make your choice easier.
Finalized my second Southwick EFF pick. I went with two suits, pearl grey flannel and charcoal pique. Nothing too exciting, but figured it was a good opportunity to replace an old J Crew suit. Looking forward to seeing some of the others made up.
Wore the emerald green Vittorio from the fist run of these (?last year) to my department Christmas party the other night. I highly recommend the Vittorio, it's one of my favorite and best fitting jackets. Wish I could have grabbed the farmer check in my size.Vittorio • EPNY shirt • YHNTLower half was grey flannel Rudys and EG Galway. [[SPOILER]]
This is a very nice suede A-1 style blosoun. Similar to Valstar. I took a chance on this one which was reported to be made in Italy and size medium. Turns out it's a little too small. It's tagged an EU 48 (US 38). No manufacturer tag. Suede seems to be of very good quality. In excellent condition with one small mark on the back. Front flap patch pockets with additional side entry. Two interior pockets, one zipper closure and one button closure. Measurements: Chest:...
@Justinkapur @Davesmith Thanks, now the hard part of deciding which style.
Does anyone have any experience with Valstar sizing? I'm typically a 40R (US)/50 (IT) but the measurements for the Valstar 50 seems a little big. Trying to decide between the navy wool/cashmere, navy suede, or brown suede, and weather to go 48 or 50.
Speaking of heirlooms... wearing the forest today, with university stripe oxford and natural CXL Indys. Happy Thanksgiving.
Here's one from the other day, along with some I posted previously. Equally versatile with denim, track pants, and hospital scrubs. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: