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  It's going to be difficult if you try to find the PERFECT pair of shoes/boots to match PERFECTLY with each outfit. Instead, why not look for something flexible- that can be adapted to a variety of styles? White minimal sneakers go well with everything. Black Chelsea boots go well with Black DRs and Motos. Alden Indys look nice with Brown Jackets (especially) A2s. 
Just got my Kickass Blue Overdye in size Medium. It's seriously awesome- the fit is spot on (length is perfect to tuck in or let it hang) and I'm loving the MOP buttons. Seriously, it was a eargasm when I set the shirt down on one of the desks and hear the clinking of the buttons. It's pretty difficult finding serious quality shirting over here in S. Korea. Korean men are built like sticks and all seem to have the arms of a T-Rex. Many other places use shitty polyester...
First of all- they've got amazing Korean food. Bindaetteok and makgeoli are so delicious! As for the vintage market- it's on the second floor of one of the buildings there. I'm sure if you ask an ajumma she can point out where it is.   They've got lots of cool things, most of which dates back at least 10 years and is not Korean made. A surprising amount of clothing had clothing tags printed entirely in Japanese. As per current Korean fashion trends you can expect to see...
Drew, I think you'll be pleased to know that I was walking around Gwangjang Market's vintage section today and all the shopkeepers were marveling over the DR 2010. A bunch of people were even touching me when I wasn't looking.   Seriously amazing jawnz. I've got a Moto 2011 in the works and I can't wait for it to get here!
Hey guys, I just want to give a shout out to Mauro and his awesome customer service. I'm an international customer so I wanted to make sure everything went by smoothly. After a couple of fuck ups on my end- Mauro was generous enough to help me sort out my order. He even responded to my PMs after about one minute! If his clothing is anything like his customer service, you can count on me as a continued customer! It's really rare to find the kind of service Mauro...
Calfskin protects against everything. Granted I've only been here a month- I haven't had any problems!
Heh- I'm South Asian, but a lot of people here confuse me for African. I get asked "Are you from Ghana?" all the time!
  Finally got cold enough in Seoul to wear this: DR 2010 in black calfskin. At first, I thought it was a bit short in the body, but I decided just to go with it. It's breaking in quite nicely and I've been getting nothing but compliments from others! Probably going to get a Moto 2011 in lambskin next!
For sale is a BRAND NEW ToJ Double Rider 2010. ToJ has stopped making these for now- as they have gone on hiatus. The reason I am selling this is that it is a bit short in the body length for me-- everything else is perfect. It's made out of black calfskin with gunmetal details-- this thing is seriously built like a tank and ready for you to tear s*#% up! As mentioned before, it is BRAND NEW, never been worn outside. It's been worn by me at home for about three...
      Totally agree. Got kinda excited and forgot to put on something nicer. Haha. Maybe i'll update later when it's not a bazillion degrees outside!
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