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Met a certain someone with a certain whiskey calf dr in hongdae last weekend. We had a bit of a chat about how drew wasn't to pleased to learn about it getting a button/pin. was still cool though
It's a "livingtel." Pretty nice accommodations, the room is big with a kitchen and nice bathroom- although the bed isn't ideal for certain activities.
Sleeves only seem short because of layyering. Been wearing like two shirts and two sweaters since it's been absolutely freezing in Korea.  Yes I am an English teacher.
  [[SPOILER]] Calfskin DR2010.   Also pretty pumped for Moto 2011 that I ordered in September. Should be arriving shortly. Also Drew, what's the process with getting repairs done on a local basis? Should I send an email to someone or PM you?
I was munching on a delicious Kinder bar and sipping some stout last night when I slipped on some ice- cartoon character style. Broke my candy bar in half and spilled stout everywhere. A friend of mine slipped on some ice on New Year's Eve and broke her wrist. Everything looks like a potential lawsuit... Apparently the gov't doesn't salt the sidewalks because 1) it's expensive and 2) it's bad for the environment. 
I swear. Jong-Un must have some kind of weather manipulation machine because its goddamn freezing. Also, I was wondering what's the best avenue through which we can arrange a repair of my DR 2010? I sent you a PM but it must have gotten lost amidst all the Charly questions. One more day until shipping day!
  Don't forget to pack your crampons.
Man, I'm. really starting to yearn for more than Sou and Hot 6...
On a side note, does anyone have any recommendations for places to pick up some single-malt scotch? I was browsing Namdaemun but was put off by the insanely high markup. Are the prices there pretty standard for the rest of Seoul? I saw a bottle of Laphroaig 10 for 70k, while my local Homeplus had some Johnnie Green for 60k (on par with what I'd pay back home).
Hey, what's the process with customer loyalty program? After purchasing, do we have to send Mauro some kind of email to activate it?
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