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How I feel browsing this thread: [[SPOILER]]   Gonna make it rain in ₩1000s for that helmet bag
Also really fiending for a quilted bcdr in sand lamb... just gotta break in my Moto first!
Hmm, do I smell a sample sale soon?
Unseasonably warm here, which means waffles and a stroll around the park in the Motorized. [[SPOILER]]
Do not buy a lambskin anything... if you have a girlfriend
Has the new newsletter been sent out yet?
Impromptu ToJ meetup in Seoul last night. Finally met the big man himself. Really looking forward to seeing more of the John Coppidge stuff.
Trying to revive this thread- are there any decent leatherworkers in Seoul/Korea? Mainly people who can make small handicrafts like wallets or bracelets? 
What are some ridiculously heavyweight oxford shirts? I'm thinking stuff that can be considered the "Iron Heart" of shirting. Stuff that will actually require breaking in and is durable as heck.
GF rocking the ToJ swag today... might not ever get it back. Good thing I got a lamb moto on the way. Quick question. Drew, what would you recommend the horsehide in?
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