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I've got an amazing ToJ DR 2010 in black calf. Unfortunately it's a bit short for me in the body length- no issues anywhere else. It isn't really a big deal, but it's not the absolutely perfect fit. And since I've got my Moto 2011, I find myself wearing it less and less. In short, I've got a pretty nice, worn only on the weekends DR 2010 (received in August 2012). Looking to sell or trade- for anything really. Here are the measurements for DR...
What would I give for a reissue of the VTG... preferably in a DR style
  Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one  The black suede T1 was pretty cool, I would like it in a dark grey suede too. There's whisky suede colors that would make that thing look good too. Stone blue, etc - those T-1 and T-3 jackets are pretty versatile. The little handsewn detail I put on there makes all of the colors look pretty nice. It's not supposed to be wild colored and overwhelm your outfit, keep it kind of modest in color. suede jackets look best when...
will try to snap a comparison pic the next time he and I are out and about
Drew I remember you telling me about the "leather super hero effect" you managed to pull off with the moto. Could you elaborate a bit on that? All the chicks I meet keep asking if I've been working out and it definitely seems like I've got broader shoulders
Also Drew, is the top secret 8 roll 4 Admiral's peacoat officiall for sale? and Is there anything you can tell us about the secret ToJ coat with quilting and racoon fur?
Bro, I got a couple of fistfuls of wons just waiting to get spent on the helmet bag
Can anyone speak to the quality of Buzz Rickson footwear? I'm thinking of getting this- Worth it or just get converse? and so it begins
gib sample plz
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