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I agree with Makoto.  Some Reno and a little cream and those scuffs won't be noticeable.
You don't need cuffs to get a good drap on wool pants.  My tailor folds a couple layers of fabric on the inside of the pants which adds drap without the cuff.
I'm going to assume the austerity brogue in brown is already in production, as well.
EXCELLENT news gentlemen,   Here is the email chain between Pepe and me.  It appears that the adelaide is in production, just not online yet.  I would assume there are other models that are in production, but not on the website.     Start from the bottom.                                                                                                        Good morning Sir,   The pair you are requesting is already in production so you wouldn't need to...
Yes, neither did I, in terms of pants, but there are definitely new socks and ties up.  maybe I just didn't notice them on the site before...
Just got a spring '13 release email from HoYo.  Everything looks really good!
Sent.  I'll let everyone know what he says.
Just to update,   I emailed Pepe, and he said getting model 101198 in Olfe instead of Hiro is possible.   HOWEVER, it has to be made to Linea Maestro standards (260euro) PLUS the MTO charge (100euro).  The total cost to me would be $365 not including shipping or any other customs charges.  It would also be a very long wait time.   Should I just get the standard 101198 model in Hiro, or should I bite the bullet and pay the Pepe?  Eseentially, is it really...
Thanks.  Yes, I noted that in my email I just sent to Pepe.   Thanks to everyone for the help.
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