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Why only two bricks of scrapple? 
Pretty good?!?!  That price is amazing!  It's essentially half price, and it's a more exotic shell.   Someone please tell me that I have to save money for my wedding, because I'm very close to pulling the trigger on these.
  I've never been to Baton Rouge either...  I do have a guest room...
Shell Kenilworth:  Y u no 10D?!?
    Arrgh!!  I'm mad that they are CG, but I'm glad you guys are in my life to give me guidance...   Did I just take it too far?
I asked the AE live chat people and they said it's just calf leather with a laquer on top to give a high shine.   Any other input would be greatly appreciated.
Gentlemen,   I have a situation.  I want to pick up these babies on the bay.  They are my size and they are a good price.  HOWEVER, they are not the standard McAllisters.  6215 is the model number for the black polished cobbler version, meaning they are calf leather with a laquer on top to give them a high shine.    Should I stay away, or should I go for them?  Can the laquer be stripped off with Renomat?  Do any of you have experience with polished cobler shoes...
  I like!!!  Wish those were made in shell!
If you're being a purist, then yes, this is the case.  However, you should see how some people dress (let alone the crap shoes they wear) when interviewing at my company.  No one here would fault you for one second for wearing black wingtips to an interview.  In the least, wearing those wouldn't detract from your credentials for the position.   I think most of us forget that the majority of society cares roughly 0.5% about their footwear.  Simply wearing shoes that don't...
Summer weight chinos showed up today.  Fit is great!!  I ordered to 30 and 31, thinking the 30's were going to be jeggins.  The 31's were actually just a little big, the 30's fit great!!  I think I'm hooked on TS now.      
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