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I think they look good.  I say keep them.
So, does this sale apply to all footwear, or only those special models?
I wear a 9.5E in the 5 last and a 10D in the 1, if that helps also.    I'm torn right now!  I can't justify getting these shoes!
I don't know how man existed before scrapple!   Are you saying the Malvern fits tighter, or the Townley fits tighter?  Because my malvern's are a bit tight on me.
You guys aren't helping... Or are you helping?  I haven't decided that one yet.   These are on the 1 last?  I do have Malvern's in 10D on the 1 last so I know they'll fit...
Why only two bricks of scrapple? 
Pretty good?!?!  That price is amazing!  It's essentially half price, and it's a more exotic shell.   Someone please tell me that I have to save money for my wedding, because I'm very close to pulling the trigger on these.
  I've never been to Baton Rouge either...  I do have a guest room...
Shell Kenilworth:  Y u no 10D?!?
    Arrgh!!  I'm mad that they are CG, but I'm glad you guys are in my life to give me guidance...   Did I just take it too far?
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