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I also do not agree with the shorter sleeve assesment.  I think they are good where they are.  The armhole may need to be taken up, but I really would need to see more photos to give the 100% thumbs up.
Shined up my Alden 901's last night.  Interview for a business development position today at my company.  Not trying to leave any dollars on the table!  
I dropped my button stance 1.5cm and I could have gone a full 2-2.5cm.  I'm 6'2" however, and needed lengthening on all jacket measurements.    You have to attend a wedding, man!!  A new suit must be purchased, of course!!
Probably not, unless you get gift cards as presents and wait until the American heritage sale (or whatever it's called) in the fall.
Jester,   That blazer looks amazing.  What were the sizing changes you implemented?
Check these guys out.  A little pricey, no?
Yes, they are on the 7, and yes I did mis-type.    Same question though - Will there be any difference in fit between shell and calf shoes on the 7 last?  These Margates are 9.5E and fit very well.
For all those that got the gorgeous Townley's, be jealous of my 15 year old AE Margates!!    Actually, I recently gave them the Saphir strip down, Reno, and glacage treatment.  They look pretty good now.    I also have a legitimate question: the Margates are on the 3 last (same as MacNeil), if I get the MacNeil in the same size, will it fit the same?  Is there a noticeable difference between shell fit and calf fit?   Thanks in advance, gentlemen.  
I hate all of you for posting pictures of your beautiful, beautiful Townley's.
It's common knowledge that mixing of Saphir products and Kiwi products makes a deadly poison.
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