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These look very good!   Well done! 
This is solved by buying two pairs of pants with each suit purchase!!
If you need an interview suit so that the trousers will double with an odd jacket, you could go dark grey.  Not so dark that it's charcoal, just a shade darker than mid grey (you can see pics of my mid-dark grey on this thread or in my profile photos).  mid-dark grey pants will go with basically any odd jacket, except a similarly colored jacket that doesn't match.   DO IT!! 
I like the change.  .5cm isn't that much of a alteration, so it's not such a big deal.  Also, it's not really a noticeable change, more of a "Fit" change (unlike sleeve length, that is totally noticeable).    One thing I will recommend is that whatever shirts you wear with the suit has high enough armholes as well, or else you will be stuffing your shirt sleeves through little armholes.
I raised my armholes .5cm, and I'm 6'2" 180lbs.    If ain't broke, don't fix it.  I think the jacket looks good, man.   Now start looking at fabrics for the wedding in October that you're going too.  I suggest a light grey DB... with roped shoulders.
I also do not agree with the shorter sleeve assesment.  I think they are good where they are.  The armhole may need to be taken up, but I really would need to see more photos to give the 100% thumbs up.
Shined up my Alden 901's last night.  Interview for a business development position today at my company.  Not trying to leave any dollars on the table!  
I dropped my button stance 1.5cm and I could have gone a full 2-2.5cm.  I'm 6'2" however, and needed lengthening on all jacket measurements.    You have to attend a wedding, man!!  A new suit must be purchased, of course!!
Probably not, unless you get gift cards as presents and wait until the American heritage sale (or whatever it's called) in the fall.
Jester,   That blazer looks amazing.  What were the sizing changes you implemented?
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