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I have not, but my experience with Renomat is that it is magic. :)
Why not 6.5E?
  I'm not really seeing a problem here, except for that heel thing.  If you can live with that, I say keep em and enjoy.  I think they look pretty good.
Renovateur isn't magic in a bottle, however, Renomat IS actually magic.
I assume it would follow the same rules that Paul Grangaard is giving the SF community.  Probably the normal standard shell price - $595.  That isn't bad for a custom shoe.
I'm not in any position to do a custom AE shoe right now, but If I could I would definitely do a simple change.  I'd do a Leeds shoe on the 7 last (or maybe 5 last) in burgundy shell.  It's just a small change, but I think it would be a great looking shoe.     Alden fans always jump at the chance of getting things like the indy boot on the Plaza instead of TruBalance last.  Based on that, I think the altered Leeds would be a welcome addition to my collection. 
What last is the Amok on?  Sorry if this was covered.  Is it the 1 last?
  For your reference, I am an 9.5E in the 5 and the 7 last.  The length is very good in both, the 7 is just a touch more generous in the ball of the foot, which I actually prefer (the 5 last is pretty snug).  I wear a 10D in the 1 last, but i'm sure a 9.5E would fit in that last as well.
Not a bad deal?!?!  That's an amazing deal.  Are you leaning any direction for what you may want to have made?
These look very good!   Well done! 
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