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Lol.  I feel like Kevin Bacon should blow that away with a shotgun.
Agreed.  They look like 5 last.
Thank you for a genuine reply.
Yes.  What's to discuss?   In all seriousness though, I'm usually more fond of a captoe boot, not a WT.  My vote would actually be for Bayfield... Or even Fifth street, if that's possible.
Looks fantastic!
Rafalc, I think you just broke the record for longest SF membership with a first post.
Yeah!  Thanks for the top class advice!  
Never bought GV before, but from their site measurements they are smaller than TS, at least in sleeve length.  The body size doesn't matter so much.  I can always have that brought in.     Shirt length I'm not so much worried about, I can handle a shorter length.  Sleeve length is the line in the sand for me.
Same with me.  I'm 6'2", 180lbs and I fear that if I get a 40, the neck and chest will be fine, but the length and sleeves will be a bit short.  Hence, why I have not purchased any TS shirts.  I would like too though!!
It's not that difficult to use.  Be gentle and have a little common sense and you'll be fine.    Regarding your pH comment: I'm a scientist, and pH usually refers to how basic or acid a solution is, therefore an actual leather item (shoe, for example) would not have a designated pH.  Atleast, there would be no way to measure it.    Now, applying products to the shoe that are a neutral pH (around 7.0) would make sense for the care of the shoe. 
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