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Lol.  I feel like Kevin Bacon should blow that away with a shotgun.
Agreed.  They look like 5 last.
Yes.  What's to discuss?   In all seriousness though, I'm usually more fond of a captoe boot, not a WT.  My vote would actually be for Bayfield... Or even Fifth street, if that's possible.
Looks fantastic!
It's not that difficult to use.  Be gentle and have a little common sense and you'll be fine.    Regarding your pH comment: I'm a scientist, and pH usually refers to how basic or acid a solution is, therefore an actual leather item (shoe, for example) would not have a designated pH.  Atleast, there would be no way to measure it.    Now, applying products to the shoe that are a neutral pH (around 7.0) would make sense for the care of the shoe. 
I have not, but my experience with Renomat is that it is magic. :)
Why not 6.5E?
  I'm not really seeing a problem here, except for that heel thing.  If you can live with that, I say keep em and enjoy.  I think they look pretty good.
Renovateur isn't magic in a bottle, however, Renomat IS actually magic.
I assume it would follow the same rules that Paul Grangaard is giving the SF community.  Probably the normal standard shell price - $595.  That isn't bad for a custom shoe.
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