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Agreed.  Ordered one in piccola about three weeks ago.  Can't wait for it to come in.
You're thinking too much.  Navy grenadine is an all purpose tie.
Navy grenadine.  Any weave.
  Thank you, sir, and Stitches' ideas are almost always, mostly, the best ideas.
If I were to get a second boot I would want to get the NST/Plaza/Commando model.  Preferably in cigar.  If nothing else, just to have some variety.  I wouldn't want to have two cap toe models, especially if the difference is slight punching along the cap seam.    I would want them to look different and serve different purposes (eg commando sole).
Thank you, sir.  It was a harder decision after I got the swatches.  They all look much better in person than they do on a computer screen.
Ditto to that.  I would love to try them, but I am a size 10.  It's winter anyhow.  I can wait 5 months.
            My first pair of Alden shell.  4060 boot from TSM.     I just recently got engaged and my fiance got me these as an engagement/Christmas present.  Undoubtedly better than a watch IMO.  I am taking them through the Mac break in process.
Just placed the order for my wedding tie gentlemen.  I went with the wedding/formal silk #1.  I also got myself a Carlo Riva white line/cotton square for the wedding.  it took me a while to order the tie as I got swatches and made the decision with my fiance.   To celebrate the occasion, I ordered a bitter chocolate piccola for myself.  Both ties I ordered as 7-fold, untipped, hand rolled edges.   Needless to say I'm excited.    Thanks to everyone for all the...
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