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  Personal preference.  I personally love the whangee.  Some are more conservative.
  Beautiful!  Aberdeen, correct?  My dad just picked up the seude version of these during Sherman Bros. sale before xmas.  He loves them.
Last night I used the UD code and a gift code I got for xmas.  I ordered the maroon pindot tie, the pearl cufflinks (my fiance liked those, they will be worn at my wedding) and a shirt for the MTM process.  I placed the order around 8:30PM and got a shipping notice about 20 minutes later.    Excellent service. 
Correct.  If it even needs anything.  the waist may need to come in ever so slightly.     The pants need to be finished as well as being taken in at the waist slightly.
It's the soft shoulder option.  I may get a summer navy sport coat, and I think i'll go with the unconstructed shoulder option.
  Why, thank you sir!    I will post a pic of the finished product when my groomsmen and I are back from the tailor.
  Here's a pic of me in it right out of the box.  It's what I am wearing in my wedding in June.  I would call it medium to dark grey.    Disregard the under-clothing.  I got the suit and couldn't wait to get a fit pic.  
Mid-gray solid.
I think he wants to know if you got the same construction on the grenadines as you did for that print?  ie. unlined, untipped, handrolled edges?
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