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If they were a resole by AE, they would have the hammer stamp on the bottom.  I think they are original soles.    I'd say go to the live chat option on the AE website and tell them the model number.  They will ID the shoe for you.
They look great!    I'm still wondering what makes these shoes "Seconds"?   I'm also starting to think I may have missed out on this great sale, even though I'm trying to keep more of my money given I am getting married next month.   May I also ask how you sized these?
I was just making a point that Google could probably help the Lexol search a little better than asking here.
Amazon sells Econo sizes of Lexol...
I think they look great, and I think the ripples are great.  Shoe character my man!
I too would like to know this.
Mac method with lots and lots of brushing.
    I personally use Reno about every four months or so and then use Saphir Pate De lux wax in Bordaeux (for color 8).  I use the wax about every four months, alternating with the Reno (i.e. I'll use Reno - four months later use wax - four months later use Reno...).  The main reason I use the wax is because I don't want there to be a TON of color change when the shell does start to patina.  I want a little bit, but not a ton.  This is also why I don't use creme; I want...
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