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Yes, I saw those.  They are nice, but I'm hoping for some linen's and tropical weight wools.
Is the spring stuff going to be up soon?  It's March this week!
  Can't go wrong with that!  Although, his four folds are more than substantial.
Can anyone recommend a good edge dressing for the walnut strand?
I'm more apt to do things like this myself anyway.  I'm hands on, which can be a bad thing given as to how I got the shoes like that in the first place.  I should treat my calf shoes more how I treat my cordovan shoes: very little product.  I hardly use any on my cordovan.  Reno very sparingly.
I think they were the actual reason for the final crusade.
They are not ready yet.  I could send them in for just an upper recraft, no?
OK, thank you!  I have the Lexol cleaner already and don't have renomat, so I'll use that up first.    I will also only use reno when cleaning/conditioning in the future, using creams I guess every 15 wearings or so.  I suspect I was using too much cream.
I definitely do use more than a pea size amount.  I do use Reno before using the cream too.  Any tips to take care of this?  Perhaps I should only use reno from here on out?  I have Lexol cleaner that I could use to strip it down.
Yeah, longer collar usually gives curl.  I have had MTM shirts done before and each tailor has always recommended a higher collar band and longer collar points because I'm tall and have a long neck. 
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