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I use Saphir light brown cream I think.
 I have never used wax on those shoes.  I use Saphir cream.  It does match however, so perhaps it darkens it over time.
Thank you for the honest feedback!     I personally love the collar.  I think it's my favorite part of the whole shirt.  I'm 6'2" and a short collar doesn't look right on me.  I agree this is subjective though and shorter collars are trending right now.  I guess the question is: If I hadn't have said anything about the collar, would you even have noticed?   I agree with you about the chest, and you're correct, it has not been washed yet.  For the first iteration of this...
  They right shoe may be 8.5 and the left may be 9.  Not trying to be devil's advocate, just trying to help you get the right size.
They have lightened in certain creased areas over time.  This isn't uncommon for lighter colored shoes.
MTM KW Shirt.  I tried on the 15.75" stock shirt.  Shoulders, neck and chest I left alone.   Things I changed:   Brought in waist 1" Brought in hips .5" Sleeve length +1" Elbow width +.25" (Sleeve was a little tight) Shirt length +.5" Collar band .25" higher Collar points .5" longer   Please give me your honest opinions.  I think it's definitely wearable, but could fit better.  A friend of mine tailors for free, so I can have him bring my shirt...
  I think it looks good!  Although, it looks like you are tensing up your shoulders.  Before I even finished reading your report I was thinking exactly what you were.  Bring the waist out 1cm and lengthen the jacket 1cm.   It's definitely a great wearable suit right now, that's just what I would recommend.  Also, if you were wearing that jacket without a tie it wouldn't be as tight.
Strands today.  
I'm not seeing the downside...
Thank you, gentlemen.  Much appreciated!    I hope the 32" american cut fits better than the 30".  They were literally jeggins, but the waist was pretty close.
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