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They are not ready yet.  I could send them in for just an upper recraft, no?
OK, thank you!  I have the Lexol cleaner already and don't have renomat, so I'll use that up first.    I will also only use reno when cleaning/conditioning in the future, using creams I guess every 15 wearings or so.  I suspect I was using too much cream.
I definitely do use more than a pea size amount.  I do use Reno before using the cream too.  Any tips to take care of this?  Perhaps I should only use reno from here on out?  I have Lexol cleaner that I could use to strip it down.
Yeah, longer collar usually gives curl.  I have had MTM shirts done before and each tailor has always recommended a higher collar band and longer collar points because I'm tall and have a long neck. 
  My next shirt will most likely be a spread collar, so perhaps I'll shorten .25".   Did this shirt pass the sitdown test?  It's much trimmer than my MTM.    I think if I brought the chest, waist and hips in .5" it would be about there for what I prefer.  I don't like the extremely slim look, and that photo from your site is a little too tight for my taste.
I use Saphir light brown cream I think.
 I have never used wax on those shoes.  I use Saphir cream.  It does match however, so perhaps it darkens it over time.
Thank you for the honest feedback!     I personally love the collar.  I think it's my favorite part of the whole shirt.  I'm 6'2" and a short collar doesn't look right on me.  I agree this is subjective though and shorter collars are trending right now.  I guess the question is: If I hadn't have said anything about the collar, would you even have noticed?   I agree with you about the chest, and you're correct, it has not been washed yet.  For the first iteration of this...
  They right shoe may be 8.5 and the left may be 9.  Not trying to be devil's advocate, just trying to help you get the right size.
They have lightened in certain creased areas over time.  This isn't uncommon for lighter colored shoes.
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