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Grant last color 8 cap toe boots.  Fresh after the Mac Method.  Most definitely used SnapSeed for the edits.    
Lol.  Ok, I was way off.
Yes, KW does this, but I think it's $750+whatever you paid for the fabric.  I believe you need nine yards for a suit.
I do not yet.  It's for my wedding and my fiance would kill me if I wore it before then.  I've had several requests for more pics of it and I will get at least ones of the jacket soon.  The pants need to be finished and then it will be GTG.  The shade looks very similar to the photo, but it has more dimension IRL.   I will try to get pics soon.  I still owe Moloch photos.
Not true.  Sherman bros. has a sale on all Alden's every year after Christmas.  
These are amazing. I must own these!  Love that there are no metal eyelets.
It's all about paying it forward, my man!
Also, I'm not going to be using my J.Crew 20% off code, so whoever sees this first can use it.  CYW469JUY   Enjoy!!!
TSM #8 captoe boots.  Actual Grant last.  
Yes!  Very good observation professor!
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