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That's the perfect interview suit.  A mid grey would be an excellent next choice.  I can't wait to wear my mid grey at my wedding in June.  The fiance won't let it be seen public until then... I do agree with her, I just want to wear the thing outside my house!
My Strands after Renomat and one pass with Renovateur.  Renomat truly is amazing stuff.   Before:     After:
Suit looks very good!  What number suit is this for you?   The shoe look good as well.  I was concerned that they may be too square, but in this pic they look just right.
RenoMat is absolute magic.  Good thing I didn't try super hard with Lexol, the two products aren't even in the same league.
I truly appreciate the offer, but there is a cobbler right near my house that sells Saphir products.  I will pick up Renomat today after work.   The color of the stripped area in the photo looks lighter because the wax darkened the leather significantly.  I'm not worried about the color change.
This is the information that I needed to hear.  Thank you.   I have Renovateur and Saphir Pate De'Lux, so they will be conditioned after they are stripped.  I will probably let them sit with Reno on them for a day before I brush it off.  I bought these shoes used and they had a build up even before I got them.
Ok then!  Going to give it a try!
Gentlemen,   I need some help with cleaning my shoes.  There is definitely a build up of wax that I am trying to remove using Lexol cleaner.  The cleaner certainly takes a lot of elbow grease to work and below is how far i've gotten on one shoe.  Notice the wax wearing away around the broging.  It took me maybe 30 minutes just to remove that.  Should it be taking that long?  Would Renomat work faster?   Any help would be mostly appreciated.   
To return them to their original color and get rid of the built up wax.  Why else?
Trying to strip my Strands down using Lexol cleaner.  So far this is as far as I've gotten.  They need some serious elbow grease.  Is Renomat significantly easier to use?  I'll take anything to make the job easier at this point.  Notice the color change around the broging.  That's where the wax is starting to give way.  The natural color is starting to come through.    
New Posts  All Forums: