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Navy Grossa in the wild.  Double FIH knot.  Pretty standard options - 4-fold, lined, self-tipped. 57" x 3.5".   
They are indeed, sir.    I think they fit fairly well.  I have 10D Hampton last shoes and these 10D Grant last boots fit just as well.  Granted I don't have any Grant last shoes...
I have an unlined, untipped, 7-fold piccola and that tie could be an 8-fold.  It is fairly light.  I have a wedding silk 7-fold with the same construction and it is noticeably heavier than the piccola.
#8 captoe boots.  Nice sunny morning.  
I was referring to Renovateur when I said that.  To condition them thoroughly I let them sit with the Renovateur on them for about two hours before brushing off.  I then did a second pass with Renovateur and followed the standard Saphir directions (only 3-5 minutes before brushing).
I didn't brush anything off, as it just strips the shoes.  I let the shoes sit overnight before I Reno'd them though.  No real reason as to why, I just felt like letting them sit with nothing on them for 12 hours.
Couldn't have done it without everybody's advice.
Renomatted and Reno'd my Strands.  Renomat is literally magic.  Took the old wax off my shoes in seconds.    
Soft shoulder is what I have on both of my suits.  I think I'd only go standard shoulder on a DB, and then I'd go roped most likely.
Thanks to everyone for the cleaning help.  It truly is a transformation.  There was a ton of built up wax on them.  You should see the t-shirt I used!
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