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Just ordered the summer chinos in Navy.  Can't wait to get em!
There is, what they label as, summer weight denim.  I just like those lightweight navy chinos, and it's tough to pass them up with 10% off.
  That is very kind of you.  I may just take you up on that very shortly.  I'm deciding between denim and the new summer weight chinos.  I don't have unlimited funding, so it will have to be one or the other. :(
Can someone who has a pair of any of the selvage denim comment on how much it will stretch when worn?  I have a skinnier waist in relation to my legs and the 30" would probably fit on waist after some stretch, whereas the 31 might be a little big after.  The 31's would fit my legs better right of the rack.   Any help would be much appreciated.
Here's a bitter chocolate unlined, untipped, 7-fold piccola grenadine.  I hope this influences your decision to buy!  Wore this to a site visit today.  
Frank is right about Sherman Bros. and PA shopping.  I live 5 minutes from Sherman Bros. and they always have their shoes cheaper in store than online.  On top of that every Christmas they have an Alden trunk show sale.  Which is usually 15% off their in store prices.
Navy Grossa in the wild.  Double FIH knot.  Pretty standard options - 4-fold, lined, self-tipped. 57" x 3.5".   
They are indeed, sir.    I think they fit fairly well.  I have 10D Hampton last shoes and these 10D Grant last boots fit just as well.  Granted I don't have any Grant last shoes...
I have an unlined, untipped, 7-fold piccola and that tie could be an 8-fold.  It is fairly light.  I have a wedding silk 7-fold with the same construction and it is noticeably heavier than the piccola.
#8 captoe boots.  Nice sunny morning.  
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