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Geuse,   Any suit pics yet?   It's gotta be back from the tailor by now.
Gentlemen,   I've been MIA since my wedding.  I apologize.  Click the link below to see some photos of my KW MTM worn at my wedding.  Tie and square are Sam Hober.  Shirt is Distante bespoke and shoes are Alden 901's.  Pearl cufflinks are KW as well.   Enjoy!   Being married leaves less money for suits and shoes.  :(  I just have to save longer.
 I have that solid fabric, but I say be bold and go with Herringbone!     PS. My wedding is today, so I will be posting photos of me and my guys in our suits sometime tomorrow.
Here's an updated pic with my whole wedding outfit.  It is a bad photo.  Tie (seven fold, unlined, untipped) and square (Carlo Riva linen) are Sam Hober, shirt is Distante bespoke (local Philly bespoke maker), and you can't see the links for the cuffs but they are KW as well (KW pearls).  Shoes are Alden 901s.   I will have more detail pics on very soon.  
Just to update everybody on this, I do have it back from the tailor and will be posting pics of it up soon.  The Jacket didn't need any work, but the pants needed to be hemmed and brought in at the waist.   My wedding is two weeks from this Saturday.  I know I owe lots of people pics.  Feel free to PM me if anyone has any Q's about it.
They are fantastic when they fit.  I have Epic large in my 10D Alden 901's (Hampton).  They are pretty much a perfect fit.
Where did you get this sizing advice?  I put these in a large in my 9.5E Strands and they fit perfectly.   The size chart on their website is not correct.
KW suits are the best value going right now.
No one is going to be able to look at this and tell if it is poor fitting.
  Now you've gone TOO FAR!!! 
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