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Gentlemen,   I have a sizing issue.  My wife just got me 31's in the Nihon Menpu democratic fit selvage jeans.  I LOVEEE them, but sadly they are too big.   I have a pair of the summer weight chinos from TS and they are 30's.  The summer weight chinos fit great.  Should I go 30 in the jeans, or 29?  How much will they stretch?   Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.
I did not ask for the box stitch and didn't pay any extra for it.  Actually, I didn't even notice until you guys caught it.     I personally don't care.  The shoes look great, and feel better with every wear.   Now I guess I have something custom that sets my shoes apart from everyone else's.   Here's hoping it was a one time "mess up" and no one else can ever get my 'rare - box stitched' shoes.   :)
Photo of my brand new Natty CXl beefrolls.  They were a bit snug when I first put them on, but they are breaking in nicely.  Barrie size is definitely the perfect fit.  
This should be a nice looking make-up!     How much did this run you in comparison to the standard Natty Beefroll?
This is not even a question.  Yea, of course.
Thank you, sir.  I believe I heard that the boot is going to be discontinued, so snap it up while you can.
You should propose then.  If nothing else you may get shells.
Thank you, sir!
King Captoe Boots at the airport flying out for work.  I've had them for almost one year now and they still look just as good as that day.  They were an engagement gift from the now wife.  
Ordered natural CXL beefrolls this week.  They are supposed to ship the 26th of August.  I will throw pics on when they arrive, definitely.  I've been saving for months to get them.   Just to be sure on size; is the standard to order the same size as your Barrie size?  I will mostly be wearing them sockless.  I'm 9.5D in Barrie and ordered 9.5D in these.
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