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Love that watch. Have one on my wrist right now. Only mine is my dad's purchased in 1971. He got tired of having to wind it every day. Oh well.
buying the Gianni was easy. Justifying it IF the wife realizes I bought another pair of seemingly the same boots will be difficult.
That's what I did. Buy first, ask questions last.
Any pictures of the Gianni in the wild?
 I have the Lindricks and they're great! I am tempted by the Gianni which is the moc toe boot. The chukkas are nice too, but my feet are weird and it probably won't fit right.
 I do feel as though a chukka requires perfect fit and as it turns out my feet are far from perfect
 Ugh. Now I have to buy more shoes...
 Thank you. Now to decide which to get. McCallum or Gianni
Correct me if i'm wrong, but it looks like the sale is only applicable towards McCallum and Gianni in cordovan.
You know you have problems when you are on the train home and see a pair of shoes/boots you like and google them, find them, and drool. Leather Soul, Alden, suede, wingtip boots, brass eyelets.
New Posts  All Forums: