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love these!
I hear you, but given a choice between shoes that are tight and a tad loose, I'd opt for the tad loose. I know some people aren't ok with a thin Tacco insole or tongue pads, but I am. I'd rather not have cramped toes. My toes hate to be cramped.
^ agree. No
My sizing guide is that I go with what feels more comfortable. That happens to be my TTS size in the Wingtip. The tassel and penny are trickier for me and require me to doctor them up to fit.Enjoy those beauts.
Goddamn... love Color 8 w/ Antique edge.
Nicely done. Thanks!
Thanks! That looks amazing. Is that the lined or unlined version?
Does anyone wear their watch on a shell strap? I have an Omega Speedmaster that really wants some shell.
Any previously sized 10Ds that have swollen to a 10.5 in the ptb let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: