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This is what I plan on having B Nelson do to a pair of PTB.
Thank you. Great pics. I'm curious to see if the flat Alden laces are long enough for this boot!!
Unfortunately I did not win them on ebay. I was going to send back to Alden and do a recraft before and after.
The lindricks are the most beautiful boots i've seen
Thank you, Coin. I am hoping they fit and arrive sometime this week. I will provide updates.
 Thanks for this. I am contemplating a pair that I will bring to B Nelson to get a red dainite sole and natural edge.A PTB version of the shoe seen here.http://cdn.styleforum.net/1/11/11a3afa9_flor3.jpeg
bought a pair of Hanover Shell PTB on ebay for $68. We shall see..
What is the consensus on the Brooks cordovan PTB w/ Metal Eyelets. I know it's on the M58 which should be sleeker than Barrie. Wanted to know opinions.
I've been able to wear them around the house for a bit. I don't think they can been mentioned with the indy. These are more of the boot version of the tassel if that is possible. Wound love to see some shots of these dressed down.
Fit is same as Lindrick (1/2 size down). I have to say that I haven't really had the chance to really check them out, but I dont know if they are all that.
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