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Pennies for me today!
They look really good to me. Hit em with a liberal dose of VSC.
Me too. I picked up a pair of vintage Florsheim LWB in black shell that i really dig.
Congrats Watchman! Take care of that baby as well as you take care of your shoes!!
Bit of a pain. I would rather have walked into the store and purchased the blazer that fits me as I like it. I guess I can still do that. Buy @ store and online and return the one that I don't like.Anyone ever use one of those gift card sites to purchase eCards @ a discount?
Is this for online purchases only?
Thanks. I have the RLxCJ Lindrick and love them as my "cigar" pair. I can't have too much #8. King for a reason..
My favorite Alden boot. King Wingtips
Thanks NAMOR. I generally just rub a bit with a damp cloth and every so often hit them with a little VSC. That said, my WTs are dry as a bone.I find that when in need I just pay up the $5 and get a shine from my local spot. Shine up like magic!!
Are blazers included in the Semi annual sale? If so what will the discount be?
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