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They are the stock Alden of SF Color 8 WT boots on double leather.The previous owner evidently didn't like the leather sole and sent them to Nick @ B. Nelson last year to put on Dainite. He said he's pretty much had these sitting in the back of his closet unused for a year and they are in mint condition (including the sole). Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with Commando, but I really love the Dainite. I have the BB x Peal Shell Cordovan boot on Dainite and...
My newly acquired Alden of SF Color 8 Wingtip Boot on dainite!!
Long live the 88 Tanker
My favorite!! I pick up my new-to-me pair tonight.
Great look.
Awesome! Details on the pants please
Wish me luck... Just put an offer in on a pair of Color 8 WT Boots that the original owner sent to BNelson for Dainite conversion.
Got my Jcrew Color 8 Indy's in the mail. They are great. The crepe sole is like walking in sneakers.
Loving my Marlow WingTips
Yup, plus a Jcrew gift card
New Posts  All Forums: