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Made to Measure - fits closest to a 41L. Chest measures 44, so this fits someone with a jacket size of 40-42 US / 50-52 Italy. 3-roll-2, center vent Patch pockets (Please note this is different from the flap pockets on the off-the-rack version sold at Mashburn. Horn buttons Fully canvased 4 interior pockets Made in Italy Sid Mashburn's Virgil sack jacket cut - No darts but fits slim, slightly lowered button stance. Great convergence of tradition and...
Looking good.
It could be that boots offer support at the ankle and a looser foot is compensated by the different area of support. That said the JCrew PCT boot is clearly smaller than same size barrie shoe
Newly acquired NST boot on aberdeen. Loving them.
Whoa. What model is that? Galway? Looks like the RL x CJ Gianni
Fair enough. I don't think I've ever allowed vsc or saphir renovateur to sit overnight. That said, I don't think i've ever had a bad case of shell dehydration.
My newly acquired color 8 chukkas are on commando. First pair on that sole. I'm really digging them. Can't go wrong on dainite and commando. All non plaza/aberdeen boots should be with that makeup
@watchman1 - any reason? I work it in and brush it within 5-10 mins. Depending on how many pair i'm doing
With the ptb at $1350 and the Lindrick discontinued, there is def a market.
Not Alden related, but RL has increased the price of their shell cordovan Marlow line. Pretty pricey.
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