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New to me King LHS
'How didnyou size your ptbs? Your Barrie size (0.5 down from tts)
King BB Tassels
CJ x RL Marlow Pennies. I am a tweener size 9.5-10 and went with a 9.5. This is against the rules, but I have a narrow foot and the 10s would be flip flops on me. Takes a while to break in, but they are getting there...
Need some sizing help. I was sized as 10.5C on the Brannock, but have also been sized as 10C (go figure) My barrie 9.5Ds work well in LWB and PTB My tassels are 10.5B 10C works well in the modified last. In general would a 10.5B work in the LHS?
Looks like Brooks Brothers raised the price of some of their shell offerings. Tassels & low vamp $698, LHS in Color 8 $728.
Does that mean group made to order?I asked him if I got a group of people that commit to a makeup what can he do. He said Alden listens to them about makeups but Alden tells them when they can do it
Stopped off at the Shoe Mart today and had a good conversation with Joe. Very nice guy and had a good conversation about doing group makeups.
Heel foxing is really where it's at.
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