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Tassels on a cloudy day
Just putting it out there... If anyone has a JCrew PCT boot in 10D and wants to swap for a 9.5D, let me know.
These are my favorite saddles. Well done, DonL
More Marlows. This time the tassels. 1/2 size down for me.
I usually err on the side of going larger in boots and throwing a tacco insole in to take up a bit of room.
^^ thanks! I think these are my favorite shoes. Boots, it's a tough call. I love my Alden color 8 WT boots.
I have a grenadine grossa in burgundy #3 coming my way via Ebay. Very excited. It will be my first Hober. I have 2 Chipp grenadines in grossa fina in black and navy.
My Marlows.
TThey look great. I look forward to seeing my pair begin to antique
These are great. I love mine as well. I have been lucky to acquire a pair of Lindrick and Marlow and love both. They both share time on my feet and look forward to them aging beautifully. These are a lifetime purchase.
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