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While I have reservations about the crepe sole, I got a really good deal on these boots. From all accounts, I've heard that the crepe sole is super comfy. I'll give the crepe a shot and when it's time for a resole, if I don't love it, I'll put a commando or double leather sole on them.
I guess nobody's down for the 88 Tanker
If there IS interest in this makeup, couldn't this be submitted to say Alden of San Diego and we would be golden ?
The inn8chiro TankerTankerShell #8AntiqueCommandoBrass eyelets (either all or hooks. I'm indifferent)
I'd be in for the "In The Works" makeup
That's the point, first you have to have a retailer to be on board, then you have to be 1 of the 18 refreshing your browser over and over because it's sold out in 7 seconds.
Does Alden ever allow a group makeup that is not associated with a retailer? I'm sure there are some makeups that can get 20 commitments from this forum alone.
These look great. If I was concidering a burgundy I would go for the Alden version.
Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping that the Dundee wasn't noticably sleaker as I want them to wear with jeans. All explanations and pictures have been extremely helpful. The Dundee in walnut looks amazing!
Thanks, NY. I'm looking at shell chukkas (Barrie). They look very similar aside from the 3 vs 2. I'm thinking the AE 3 lace patern may provide more support for me.
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