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I'm really hoping the Gianni boots are not full size down and just 1/2 size from TTS. Will find out tomorrow night.
 Once you see the LIndrick you will be fired up if the sizing works for you and miserable if it doesn't.
 oh well. 9 not available. I hate when that happens.
 To eliminate any confusion, you are saying one would need to size down a FULL size, not half size? I took my Barrie in Lindrick (9.5). Gianni a 9?
 I have the Lindrick, took 1/2 size down. I went back further in the thread after you mentioned the sizing and the same size Gianni (worst name) in pictures seemed to be larger. I already have one of those Tacco insoles in the Lindrick to eat up some volume.
Ugh. Thought going Lindrick size was they way to go. Have a feeling full size down would have been the way to go for me.
Love it.
I really like the clean classic look of the Submariner with the ceramic bezel.
Or you can buy it from him directly?
With this group of shell lovers I'm shocked to see so many watches on metal straps.
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