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 The lindrick is in fact a must add for the boot/cordovan fan. It is fantastic. MIne have slight variations of cordovan shade on vamp and toe whereas MrDV's look very dark. Either way a beautiful shoe.
  That's at least worth an email to the company.
 I think they have their standard offering of wingtip, ptb, tassel, penny, boot. Then they have variations that are short runs. I think they should include the chukka in their standard offering
 I was told that they are "different animals". I don't quite agree. I think they are super similar and both fantastic.
 What about Cordovan?
 I love these.
 Question. It seems as though even though the Marlow is more available at a lower price than the Alden cigar shoes, some are more inclined to go with the Alden LWB over the Marlow. Can someone explain that to me? Does it have to do with sizing/fit?
 I like the Alden flat waxed laces on the boots. See MrDV's Lindrick/Gianni porn pics.
 THis is great.  I hope to have a pair of black shell Florsheim LWBs sometime next week.  This reaffirms that it is/was a great purchase! Thank you, Coin
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