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Marlow Pennies
Tried on a 10D in the Marlow WT today and they are much more comfortable than my Barrie last size (9.5D). The flaps will come close to touching when tied with a thin sock, but the extra space will give me the thin/thick sock flexibility.
Love the contrasting stitching. Amazing
Looking for a lightly used pair of Marlow Wingtips in a 10D. Let me know !!
Ugh was hoping that my 10.5C in the 5 last would equate to an 11D in the 7 + insole. Oh well.
Anyone have a pair of the Shell Cordovan Sanfords? Question about fit. It is on the 7 last
Maybe I'm wrong...
Do you have a super narrow foot? I tried them on and they fit except the toes were a bit cramped. I like room for my toes
+10000Also, a larger shoe will allow for different sock thickness.
So the consensus is to size down to barrie last on the marlows if you have a narrow foot. I'm beginning to believe that one shoukd go TTS and put an insole in to account for the extra room. That way,depending on time of day, season and sock thickness you can adjust accordingly. Lindrick and Gianni is a definite barrie size
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