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Really digging my #8 Alden X Jcrew Indy on crepe. Like walking on air.
Because Barrie Lasted boots are slimmer!!
mmmmmmmmmmmmm..... that video was amazing. I especially like the sound the shoes make when he moves his foot around.
Only reason I can come to grips with the end of summer approaching is that I plan on wearing my Lindricks every chance I can get..Great looking Marlows!!
Anyone pick something up from the Shoemart Irregulars? I was looking at the Wingtip Calf boot 44623HC
^^ all inn favor of breaking rules
I take TTS for Barrie lasted boots, and down a 1/2 for Barrie lasted shoes, but that's just me.
Mike found a good home for them!!!
Out of all the boots/shoes out there these are still my favorite
love these!
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