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Is the best time to buy the classic sack blazer during the 30% off + 15% for opening a credit card?
If anyone is looking for a JCrew boot in order to resize I have a pair in 9.5D. I did the resizing just last week with Watchman1 who was more than fair and helpful.
Yes sir. Come say hello if you see some color 8s on my feets
$2034 for #2 Longwings. Who got them?
Ride home
^^ Yes, without a doubt these boots run TTS. These are 10s, and my others were 9.5s. I wear 9.5D in the 990 and 975
My new (to me) pair of Jcrew PCT boots. Lookin. Forward to enjoying these now that i have them in the right size. Thanks @Watchman1
2 tone Marlow WTs
i usually tree them, put them in felt bags and pack them at the top of the suitcase.
That's the way it is for me. I've got the 990 and 975 and i'm without a doubt a 9.5D. Jcrew boot I go 10D. I'm my opinion boots are more forgiving than shoes because of the ankle support
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