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Someday it will be half a hundred
Does anyone make a color 8 1.5" belt?
Years back I bought the RL x CJ Gianni and I wished it looked like the Grant lasted "Indy". I wasn't feeling it at all.
Love it. I recently acquired a pair of the SWB on Aberdeen and they are spectacular.
Are the BB PTB TTS?
Happy new year, all. Looking forward to seeing everyone's footcandy on the 2017 thread. Btw Brooks Brothers now sell a perforated color 8 shell belt that is made in the US using shell from horween. Looks very similar to an Alden makeup
Have a new to me pair coming my way!! Thanks
9.5D brannock =9D Barrie. Looking forward to the Spoo contribution to whiskey wednesday
The full strap has a lower vamp. These are the LHS which has a higher "rise"
Although Was usually underwhelmed with hip pop shows back in the day, Mobb Deep always killed it.
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