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Digging the brick dainite
The AoM, A.E., Brooks stops on 44/45 & Madison is a nice little footwear triangle.The downtown scene is much more spread out. Don't forget to go drop off your recrafts at B.Nelson on 55 & Lex
I almost want to buy two
@swils8610 - Thanks for the heads up! Interested to see How the bordeaux compares to Brooks' burgundy.
Gorgeous. They look brand new
Good stuff. Great deal. I bit on the "Bordeaux" color
Like that you added the eyelets and they look great! 17 yr old shoes!!I've always thought AEs cap toes were too far towards the front of the shoe.
I agree with this 100%. There's something special about the Marlow PTB. Color, last, eyelets, who knows?!?
A pic of the Ravello NST boot was just posted in the Alden thread!
Funny you say that. I too have thought about adding the Bradley, but I just like the stitching on the Alden NST so much more. I recently purchased the Alden NST boot on aberdeen and love the longer vertical stitching.
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