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I know the Aberdeen last (loafers) is tricky for some people. I have a skinny heel and measure a 10C on the brannock. Does anyone size up 0.5 and go a width smaller?
I know there are Color 8 LWB with antique edge and welt, but Leffot had an Alden #8 LWB that had antique edge with black welt. I am having an old pair of Florsheim Royal Imperial LWB resoled and wanted to know if I should step up and have B. Nelson replace the black welt with antique. Thanks guys!
Ha. Whoops.
Its 5 eyelets on each side for a total of 10 eyelets
Thank you everyone for your sizing input. I size out to be a 10.5B in the shell Randolph.
I like those camo socks. Where from?
Mike - Thanks!! I probably could have gone 11B on the Aberdeen last. Cursed with skinny heels. The aberdeen fits ok. Not perfect. I'm going to try a pair on before committing so i'll let you know the results.
Wondering if anyone can help me with sizing. I am a 10.5C in the Cambridge, 10C in Alden Cordovan tassels on Aberdeen last. How do the shell cordovan Randolphs fit?
These are my favorites. Enjoy.
 I actually spoke to Nick last week. Thinking about sending in a pair of close to NOS Florsheim Royal Imperial cordovan longwings in for a resole to red dainite and natural edge/welt. It was a $245 job. I think it would look great though with the brass eyelets as well!
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