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Can anyone comment on the sizing of vintage Florsheim or Hanover cordovan shoes in relation to Barrie lasted Aldens?
whoops... didn't see this.
I think you're right. Epaulet carries Carmina "Cognac" and "Saddle" cordovan belts.
This is what I plan on having B Nelson do to a pair of PTB.
Thank you. Great pics. I'm curious to see if the flat Alden laces are long enough for this boot!!
Unfortunately I did not win them on ebay. I was going to send back to Alden and do a recraft before and after.
The lindricks are the most beautiful boots i've seen
Thank you, Coin. I am hoping they fit and arrive sometime this week. I will provide updates.
 Thanks for this. I am contemplating a pair that I will bring to B Nelson to get a red dainite sole and natural edge.A PTB version of the shoe seen here.http://cdn.styleforum.net/1/11/11a3afa9_flor3.jpeg
bought a pair of Hanover Shell PTB on ebay for $68. We shall see..
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