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Happy new year, all. Looking forward to seeing everyone's footcandy on the 2017 thread. Btw Brooks Brothers now sell a perforated color 8 shell belt that is made in the US using shell from horween. Looks very similar to an Alden makeup
Have a new to me pair coming my way!! Thanks
9.5D brannock =9D Barrie. Looking forward to the Spoo contribution to whiskey wednesday
The full strap has a lower vamp. These are the LHS which has a higher "rise"
Although Was usually underwhelmed with hip pop shows back in the day, Mobb Deep always killed it.
Anyone have the 994 Saddles in color 8? Do you have a hard time pairinf them with your waredrobe?
With a "vibrant sole"
Sleeking bone or deer bone. Which one?
These rock
Do you use cream polish or wax?
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