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Is there a list to I can get on somewhere for the WT color 8 with antique and reverse welt?
Color 8 WT boot is like porn.What did the resole job cost you?
I've come to grips that the penny won't fit me. I need a longer, more narrow last. So upset. Will have to post in the marketplace soon.
 Saw them at the shop yesterday. They are as beautiful in person as in the pictures. Display model was 9.5D (my size ugh). Enjoy them!!
 So you recommend the Alden creme over VSC too?
 They are. I need to get some VSC or Saphir Reno and get to work on them a bit. They are now my go to business shoe.
 I snagged the 10D. They are great. Wearing them now.
 Beautiful. In my opinion this is the nicest Alden boot
 Thank you . My experience with the Aberdeen in a 10C is that it is slightly wide on my right (larger foot) and even moreso on my left. the width of the shoe leads to the foot moving further to the front of the shoe and toes being very crowded or even to the front.I think the smaller width and longer shoe may be the way to go.
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