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 I find that women like wingtips/longwing. The devil is in the details...
Google = Magic
 I have no problem with the construction of JCrew suits and general styling, but I HATE the extra skinny lapels. They should revisit this. Keep it at 2.5-3"
No to black pants in general
I'd go alden x epaulet Alt Wien #8s and a RL marlow wingtip.
Brand New in Box Ralph Lauren Gianni Brown Cordovan Boots in size 9.5D.  This size is sold out online.  These have been discussed extensively in this thread:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/268417/crockett-jones-for-ralph-lauren-cordovan-marlow-darlton-gifford-garran-lindrick-mccallum-rhett/4035   These boots run about 1/2 size big (i.e. 9.5D equates to a 10D).   Please reach out with any questions.
 oh boy
 I have 2 pair on the way with the intention of testing on the Lindrick as well.
 This is such an improvement over the original laces.
 Epaulet Alt Wien
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