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I would call again until I got someone who will do it
I tried to buy the JCrew Indy yesterday in 9.5 and 10 and they were out. 9.5 was available today. They honored the code from yesterday and I got to apply a Jcrew giftcard to bring my Indy boot order to 375 delivered with tax. Looking forward to them!
Really wish they were on commando. Reason is that Alden will only refinish with original specs and B Nelson doesnt have low profile commando
I feel like I may get stoned for saying this here, but I don't understand the whole whiskey exotic fascination. I don't love yellow shoes.
Another Tassel day
damn that rydan boot went in a blink of an eye. That's insane!
You can put yourself on the Context list for $100 and wait for 11 others to do the same. Then wait for the alden turn around time.
So who grabbed the Context Tanker 10D?
I love that we've pretty much come to the conclusion that Barrie lasted boots are TTS. Hurray.
New Posts  All Forums: