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The burgundy was blooming like crazy
Nice. Took advantage of the 20% on a pair of black shell medallion tips
Any way to apply the 20% ebay code on a counter offer a seller sent?
Those look great. Enjoy. Is there a way to apply the code to a counteroffer a seller has sent?
What about a 10 B? That may work and is available (not my auction)
Thanks! Not opposed to 2nds, but opposed to the price!!
Now THOSE rock. Would like to find a pair of Dundees in brown shell
Great composition
Digging the brick dainite
The AoM, A.E., Brooks stops on 44/45 & Madison is a nice little footwear triangle.The downtown scene is much more spread out. Don't forget to go drop off your recrafts at B.Nelson on 55 & Lex
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