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Anyone really have the 9901? Black Shell PTB? Do you think black shell looks best with some broguing going on?
I will leave that up to everyone. I'd honestly love to see the pictures of the conversion. Again, we have time to kick this around.
I've had a nice back and forth going with Mike.I'm waiting on inn8chro's boots to arrive and the jawdropping pictures he takes. I think they need 18 to do an order (which would be late spring). Maybe if we have 18 commitments, we can submit the order with credit card info directly and we won't have to deal with the flood of shiest that normally occurs during their preorders.We have time for that....
Fired up!!!
Yes, sorryTankerColor 8CommandoAntiqueBrass eyelets.
Hate to beat a dead horse, but exchanged PMs with Mike @ Epaulet and he liked the idea of the Tanker 88 and figures he can do it sometime this spring. He wanted me to float the idea to guage interest.
If there are any 10D Tankers floating around without a permanent home, please let me know!
Congrats to everyone and their new shoes!! Look great! I for one can't wait to see the final product of the Tanker 88
While I have reservations about the crepe sole, I got a really good deal on these boots. From all accounts, I've heard that the crepe sole is super comfy. I'll give the crepe a shot and when it's time for a resole, if I don't love it, I'll put a commando or double leather sole on them.
I guess nobody's down for the 88 Tanker
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