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2 days in a row trying to break in the tassels. I am a glutten for punishment.
I'd return them since it is more than a cosmetic thing for you.
So I am a 9.5 in penny that took forever to break in but is comfortable, 9.5 in lindrick and it's a tad roomy, 10 in WT and the flaps touch but it's super comfy. Tassels in 9.5 have a tacco insole and tongue pads. They are ok with that stuff but that sole is like iron.
Fresh out of the box.
Nicely done. Please share your method
Now, if you said you had a 10D in the PTB I may have had to relieve you of that one as well...
TTS worked perfectly for me. I'm a 9.5D Barrie last and 10 RL Marlow Wingtip. Most comfortable pair of shoes I own (so far)
They are here and they are perfect. I went tts. Thanks @mdubs
They look great! And of course, how did you size these? My new-to-me pair of RL Marlow Wingtips will be on my feet tomorrow (hopefully)
I have the BB x Peal cordovan boot on dainite and I love the sole. I dont have any experience with commando, but dainite is great for bad weather
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