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 Can't you purchase today and pick up in store once they arrive?
 Just an FYI - they applied the 20% off on the pair I picked up last week.
 That being said, I would try to get there today or tomorrow while the 20% entire purchase is still going on. They said over the phone that they will make a price adjustment if I come in.
This has probably been covered here before, but can anyone help me with the BB shell wingtip sizing? My Brannock is 10c, would a 10d work on this last or are they pretty TTS? Thanks in advance!
 I would give them a call. I did yesterday and they were happy to look for me.
 Cordovan cap toes and don't know about the 13 sole. They are beautiful boots and I love the shape.
 They have size 13 and 10 in stock. The 10 was on the dbl leather sole, but don't know about 13s.
 unfortunately after...
 At the store on 20th and Broadway in NYC they still have a size 10 and 13. The 10 has the double leather sole.Currently 50% off ($498 + tax)
Thanks. Bought them TTS. Little roomy, but boots are forgiving. Plus I will probably wear them with thick socks. Great looking boot on dainite.
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