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 I personally like them. The discoloration gives them character. If it really bothers you you can see if RL will swap it, or ask for a discount.
Mac's Alt Wien boot in black shell is on the Plaza last. Grant would be nice.
 They look amazing. Was it strictly the traditional mac method? please share!
Grant last may be interesting
 WOW. Amazing pictures. Love the wood table. Enjoy and wear in good health.
 Fair enough! Brixton #8 as it comes!!!!
Any chance of a Brixton Color 8 with Commando sole?
 Many thanks, Bobbo
Sorry for asking again, but is there a place that I can put my name on a list for a Color 8 wingtip boot with antique edge?
Is there a list to I can get on somewhere for the WT color 8 with antique and reverse welt?
New Posts  All Forums: