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Pulled the trigger on the Paul Stuart Islay Boots.  These will be my winter and all around every day/weekend boots.  I'm really fired up. 
The last is not slim or tapered and these should not be confused with dressy boots. These can be your coolest sh-t kickers and also cleaned up to go out. I really like them. F you all
The salesman confirmed they were C&J. They are def the Islays
Went to see the Islay today, did not see the belgrave. The Islay is a great boot. Nice and chunky for casual wear. I just pickdd up the BB Peal cordovan boot at a massive discount and I cant justify the islay purchase.....yet
Will do
Going to Paul Stuart tomorrow to try these on. The Islay is a beautiful boot. Love the grain
Anyone looking to get rid of their #8 Cordovan Wingtip Boots (preferably on commando) in 9.5D or 10D (if the 9.5 is a smaller 9.5) let me know.
Boot season is my favorite time on this thread. There is no way to choose a favorite. I think the EP Brixton is amazing followed by Cigar or 8 Indy. And that greenwich boot is insane. Looks like I am going to have to get rid of my BB Peal Cordovan Boots.... Unreal stuff.
 I don't quite understand this. The shoes are 50% off and today and yesterday is 20% off entire purchase. I bought these last week so their POLICY is to do price adjustments up to 10 days from purchase date. There is nothing dishonest about this.
 Sara was the woman that I spoke to on the phone that said I can get the 20% off. She was not there when I went to do the adjustment last night. Good luck.
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