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Fresh out of the box.
Nicely done. Please share your method
Now, if you said you had a 10D in the PTB I may have had to relieve you of that one as well...
TTS worked perfectly for me. I'm a 9.5D Barrie last and 10 RL Marlow Wingtip. Most comfortable pair of shoes I own (so far)
They are here and they are perfect. I went tts. Thanks @mdubs
They look great! And of course, how did you size these? My new-to-me pair of RL Marlow Wingtips will be on my feet tomorrow (hopefully)
I have the BB x Peal cordovan boot on dainite and I love the sole. I dont have any experience with commando, but dainite is great for bad weather
Good old Alden x BB king tassels
I highly suggest watching the video currently up on putthison.com about tanning leather.
After about a year and a half or so I think I finally broke them in
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