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How about coming to terms with the idea that not all lasts work for you, and then you get the right size and you're able to wear those LHSs or Tassels. Ahhhhh
is there anything better than honing in on your proper size ?!?!
I have a pair of Black shell longwings (florsheim) that I've been wearing a bunch lately. Digging the black, but really wouldn't be dropping $700 on a pair of black shell shoes. Boots on the other hand.....
I'm sorta shocked that the Epaulet Alt Wein in Color 8 are still in stock in a nice selection of sizes.
^^ Church.. They are gorgeous and well worth the squeeze!!
Should go away when the soles break in a bit. Which should be 3 years since they are built like tanks!!
Those jeans....
BEAUTIFUL. Anyone want to trade a Tanker in 10D for my JCrew PCT in 10D?
Unreal! I wanted to do something like this with an old pair of Hanover PTBs. Well done!
Looks amazing and great price for the conversion!
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