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I totally dig it. I have a pair of CJ Marlows with a panel that is darker than the rest of the shoe and I absolutely love it
Dont forget ebates. 4%
Love these. Great makeup
I just won the code via email for $1. Wish i checked here first. Sucks that the old ocbds arent 4/199
Looking good. I have the Cap Toe Medallion in black shell (Aberdeen last) that is up for sale, but this shot has me rethinking it....
Do they only send this out to their card holders? I never seem to get anything from them
ALDEN SHELL CORDOVAN MEDALLION TIP BLUCHER OXFORD 2146 SIZE 10.5 B/D Aberdeen Last - Preowned condition No cracks, splits, or tearing of the uppers. Many more years of life left. Shoe trees are for display only and not included in the listing.
These look fantastic. I'm a fan of the dark color 8, but I am working on removing the product from a pair of J&M tassel loafers and the burgundy shell underneath is gorgeous.
Kinda bitter sweet, but my $30 J&M tassel loafers are in MUCH better shape than the eBay auction pics led me to believe. I'm still going to hit them with RenoMat and some Renovateur goodness.
This has got to be the perfect shell boot.
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