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Thanks for the kind words fellas!!!
At least we aren't the only ones frustrated with the website. I went to a BB store and had to wait 40 minutes for my sales associate to call in an order for shirts they didn't have in my size in store.
BB x Alden Color 8 Wingtip for my job interview later today
it's funny. I love the Brassvello, but personally would not put the brass on my WT boots. At first I thought it was too busy, but then realized it's essentially the same thing as the LWB. The cobbler did a great job on the conversion though. The tanker should come in the 88 version at this point!!!
Yes. I've heard people are meh about the crepe, but I tried it on at home and it's super comfortable.
Ohhh.... that tanker... Anyone want a JCrew Color 8 405 in 9.5D for list price w/o tax?
Thanks for this. I was hoping one of the brands with more (any) availability was worth the price.
Interesting.... So what's your take on the AE and Brooks belts?
Was thinking of putting the brass eyelets on a pair of color 8 ptbs. Yours look fantastic.
They are the stock Alden of SF Color 8 WT boots on double leather.The previous owner evidently didn't like the leather sole and sent them to Nick @ B. Nelson last year to put on Dainite. He said he's pretty much had these sitting in the back of his closet unused for a year and they are in mint condition (including the sole). Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with Commando, but I really love the Dainite. I have the BB x Peal Shell Cordovan boot on Dainite and...
New Posts  All Forums: