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So excited. Having a new (to me) pair of 990s coming. I think they are in great shape but was thinking if they werent I was going to try the Alden Restoration out
I dont believe they are on the same last. The tassels are supposedly a bit longer.That said I dont think either will work for you since you are super concerned with proper fit. They do t really work for me either.
Nice score. Love the variation of colors. Enjoy!
Those Hallecks are my grail piece. Gotta get moving on that.
IE. that's probably it.
Nope, just an empty box for text.
Interesting. I don't get the toolbar when posting. Oh well. Thank you, Mike.
I'm only asking because everyone is so nice here, but how on earth do I post pics?
 Agree. My 975s are very comfy with room. The JCrew PCT boot is like a perfect snug fit. Going forward I'm going to take a 9.5D Barrie shoe and 10D Boot.
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