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Those are great. I have to rock mine soon.
Love it. Great shine!!
If anyone wants to diversify their shell boot collection, I am offering the BB Peal Cordovan boot with < 10 wears on them for a tanker. Size 10.
Are they kidding with that original price?
Color 8 is King.
I have 9.5D in barrie lasted shoes, 10D in boots. I would go up a size as boots are also more forgiving given the extra support
Play around with different sock thicknesses. Also, you probably arent losing much $$ by trying and if it doesnt work out throwing them back for sale
I would say go for the 8.5D
Honestly, give it more time. I have a feeling it will be hard to reaquire
If you stick with them thy will mould to your feet nicely. I know it's tough but that's what i did with mine.9.5 Lindrick9.5 tassel10 marlow9.5 penny
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