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Rocking the same today w/ Commando sole. Your rolls look fantastic.
The corporate discount registration is such a pain. I have one that just ended, signed up again and got a different number. Was prompted to create a new corporate login with the membership number and when I do, it says there is some sort of error.
Ugh but not on sale items
The shop by Trinity Church, Stapleton, closed recently. They carried stock models, but in very few sizes so you did not miss any rare makeups. You hit the big ones. Congrats
Thanks. Love those fatigue flannels.
Yes! Where are the pants from?
I totally dig it. I have a pair of CJ Marlows with a panel that is darker than the rest of the shoe and I absolutely love it
Dont forget ebates. 4%
Love these. Great makeup
I just won the code via email for $1. Wish i checked here first. Sucks that the old ocbds arent 4/199
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