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Those are great with the flat welt and eyelets. A Color 8 version of the RLxcCJ Marlow PTB
What color/brand wax polish do you guys use on your marlows?
Amazing transformation. Wish you took some before pics!
@mdubs what size did you go with on the RL loafers?
Did you resole these w/ antique edge? looking good
Authentic Hermes 7575 SA Mens 100% Silk Necktie - No keeper on the back of the tie. · Brand: Hermes · Style: Neck Tie #7575 SA · Color: Navy, Gold, Sky Blue · Material: 100% Silk · Attachment: Tied · Length: Classic 59" · Width: Classic 3 1/2" · Pattern: Chains / Abstract · Country/Region of Manufacturer: France
Which chukkas do you have and which do you like the most?
Maybe give them a call to see if it's in stock and order via phone. I've done that with them and it was fine
Since I've gotten my color 8 chukkas, I havent worn my ptbs. I really think the chukka is great
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