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i've had the Lindrick for a while and love them. I was hesitant to buy the wingtip, because of redundancy. That said, I wear the wingtip as a more formal shoe for work with sportscoats and blazers. The Lindrick with jeans. I love the color of the WT/Lindrick, so even though there is overlap, I'll just play it by ear and figure it out going forward.
Marlow WT
These are great. The Aberdeen > Barrie in this style.
With RTP and Don L. Alden x BB King Tassels
Congrats on the purchase. I honestly think there isn't a need for toe taps. At this point it is what it is. Where them and enjoy. In other news I lost out on acquiring a pair of McCallums on ebay. Bummed.
Oh I know that! Tell that to the blister on the side of my heel.
2 days in a row trying to break in the tassels. I am a glutten for punishment.
I'd return them since it is more than a cosmetic thing for you.
So I am a 9.5 in penny that took forever to break in but is comfortable, 9.5 in lindrick and it's a tad roomy, 10 in WT and the flaps touch but it's super comfy. Tassels in 9.5 have a tacco insole and tongue pads. They are ok with that stuff but that sole is like iron.
New Posts  All Forums: